Turkish PM: “U.S. backing terrorists” & Saudi king bans fatwa’s against royal family

Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the US was supporting some common enemies of Pakistan and Turkey and the time has come to unmask them and act together. Saudi ruler King Abdullah issued a royal decree allowing only the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars to issue fatwa’s which “sends a message of deterrence to clerics around the country to make them think twice before they issue a controversial statement or an inflammatory remark” Meaning the ruling dictatorship is beyond the law of the land.

Here’s The Akh with his roundup of the real news over the last couple of days, how many of these registered on your radar?

Conflict & Fault Lines

Intelligence & Security

Second wife warned U.S. of Mumbai plotter

Pirates striking terror in Asian waters


World Trade, Once Rising, Is Starting to Sag Again

Energy & Natural Resources

France’s petrol pumps could run dry by Wednesday

Food Security

Food and fuel keep rising, but talking heads say all is well

New FDA regulations to destroy small organic farms


And Finally…….Australia branded ‘dumb blonde’ of the world

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