Caught on camera: BBC’s Nick Robinson losing it

Cameraphone video of the BBC’s political editor trashing an anti-war protester’s sign on College Green yesterday.

Nick responded with;

“I am a great believer in free speech but I also care passionately about being able to do my job reporting and analysing one of the most important political stories for years.”

Really Nick?

You may have convinced your self in your own mind that you are “reporting and analysing one of the most important political stories for years”. But this is delusional; you are essentially a propaganda mouthpiece reporting what those in power say and do.

You’ve admitted as much:

“In the run-up to the conflict, I and many of my colleagues, were bombarded with complaints that we were acting as mouthpieces for Mr Blair. Why, the complainants demanded to know, did we report without question his warning that Saddam was a threat? Hadn’t we read what Scott Ritter had said or Hans Blix? I always replied in the same way. It was my job to report what those in power were doing or thinking. Elsewhere on our bulletins we did report those who questioned the truth of what we were being told.

“That is all someone in my sort of job can do. We are not investigative reporters. We do not have expertise in weapons systems or intelligence. We report on politics. Yet we are imbued – rightly or wrongly – with authority to speak on a vast range of subjects. Now, more than ever before, I can see why my reporting angered those who opposed the war. Now, more than ever before, I will pause before relaying what those in power say. Now, more than ever, I will try to examine the contradictory case.”

Reporting and analysing huh Nick?


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