I Rescind Your Medal of Honour

So, the new “Medal of Honour” game allows you to fight as the Talibans or some other insurgent types, but after long discussions (probably two hours), they have been rebranded as “Opposing Forces”.

A lot of politicians made a huge issue about this a while back, including Dr. Fox, reason being it’s wrong to glamorise the Talibans by having them kill British soldiers….funny that it’s an American game….American soldiers….contractors….mercenaries….good guys….eh….bad guys?

Anyway, it got me thinking if the Afghan people had any say on the matter or are they the invisible families in the homes that the programmers at game developer Electronic Arts felt it’s OK to blow up?

Whether you’re a politirician or games developer, you’re a war profiteer who is propagandising and exploiting the war – this time the battlefield is for your childrens’ minds.

This is a perfect example of the double standards that prevail within the corporate media industry.

There’s no uproar when games are made where you get points for blowing up mosques.

So you can take your medals and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine, this soldier ain’t having none of it, war is no video game….word to Rambo.


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