Cherie fails to sell Tony Blair’s autograph on eBay

You would have thought that with several homes, highly-paid careers as war profiteers with a multi-million-pound fortune, the Blair’s don’t need the cash, but Cherie has been hawking her husband’s autograph on fleabay.

The former prime minister’s wife has been caught selling her husband’s signature on eBay for £10. An initial asking price of £25 failed to garner any bids.

More cringe worthy behaviour from the Blairs, who have shamelessly cashed in on warlord Tony’s prominence as Prime Minister.

Earlier this month a Freedom of Information request revealed that Mr Blair had chosen to take a number of items, given to him by world leaders and celebrities, with him when he left Number 10. The presents included nine watches from Silvio Berlusconi and a guitar signed by U2 frontman Bono.

No mention was made of the gifts sent by Rupert Murdoch or the American administration of George W Bush.

The only thing The Akh wants to see his autograph on is a confession statement to the international criminal courts in The Hague for the war crimes he committed during his tenure.

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