How The Terror Threat Is Created – BBC Timewatch – Operation Gladio – The Puppeteers

In the second episode of the 1992 BBC Timewatch special on the Gladio network, “The Puppeteers” examines the far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on other left wing groups.

Known as ’stay-behinds’ these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion.

Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension.

The third and final part of this documentary comes up tomorrow.

Once seeing these, you’ll reconsider what the terrorist threat today really is, and who is behind it.


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One response to “How The Terror Threat Is Created – BBC Timewatch – Operation Gladio – The Puppeteers

  1. A convoluted story of intrigue, could be material for a novel, the characters playing their part in this inconclusive story are stereotypes, after a while you fight boredom with the endless layers of who done it? or what is it about?
    Many references to the CIA, right and left wing groups, abound, communists, anarchists, Chinese subversives, British Intelligence, infiltrators, Masons, Bosnia, the list go’s on and on, these dreary people that abound in this thriller, is akin to, “Boys Own”, 1940s pop comics, or I dare not suggest my age, when the thrill of my life was putting my ear to a daily dose of daily radio, 1940s, the exciting”Dick Barton’s” Jock and Snowy, serial, you can still hear this crap on the internet, will they escape? or not? listen in folks! at the same time as this dribble was all part of the lower class indoctrination, what was at this time the real stuff? the Cambridge Uni, old school boys club of Philby, Maclean, Burgess, Cairncross, Blunt, and a whole gang from one of Britain’s, exalted Universities, and I believe the Rothschilds, were connected with this subversive network, including MI5/6 yet again, unbelievable the Marx, communist manifesto should suck the minds in, of this bunch in, apparently some of the best minds go to this University, hard to believe, or all part of the Establishment myth and propaganda of the self grandiose delusion.
    All of this subversive stuff would not be funny if murder, intrigue, was kept within the club, the requirements MI5/6, CIA. and the rest of these shoddy specimens of clever and equally stupid human debris, if it did not include the innocent, these over privileged cartels of over/underground police, throughout this World, we have to put up with, is overwhelming, who’s job is to protect the Elites, who are self propelling, committed to corruption and wealth, and a minor point, the destruction of the environment, the sinister thing about all these people, is there infantile clinging to adoration of power that bedazzles the minds of these primeval freaks, as the BMW’s or Ferrari’s salivate the organic chemistry, of same, i.e. the adrenaline addiction, and talking of drugs.
    We note in this dreary movie almost 50 minutes long, no mention of the Mafia, and no aspersions to the Vatican, and strangely enough , I do not remember drugs being a part of this saga. A staggering comment in the movie, is, we in Italy, being a transparent society? what are you? who are you kidding? what Planet are you freaks from? the long line of drugs and killings, of judges and officials attempting to clean up Italian corruption is formidable, I would say and stick my neck out, that to clean up Italy, with regard to corruption, is as believable as the virgin birth of Mary, if taken literally.
    To summarize this movie, if you have doubts on what corruption and evil is? then this film is for you, other than this film being a microcosm of the World over, and where we are going? this film is not for those who are hedonists, nor for those who feel insecure within, to the extent that you require to live in denial, and live with rose color glasses and have important catch up time, with the latest hair styles, latest fashion, or sitting on the sidewalks of Paris, drinking cappuccinos, discussing the virtues of existentialism, or watching the Queens, Thames Gala, and Prince Phillips, medals for WW2, hand to hand fighting, the Japanese, and him pointing his finger to a distant horizon of intrigue, to Prince Harry, as to where to land his helicopter, in the event of a potential threat from subversive Islamic attacks with the skipping bomb, of Wallace, design, attacking the Royal barge on the Thames flottila, then this is not for you.

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