How The Intelligence Agencies Plant Bombs On Airplanes To Blame “Terrorists”

This was not a dry security run, but an attempt by the American military industrial security apparatus to manufacture yet another terrorist scare, the fact it was rumbled meant that a convenient cover story of a security check could be wheeled out.

A suspected bomb targeting a flight from Namibia to Germany was allegedly fake and had been manufactured by a US company specialising in alarm systems.

The Guardian quotes Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Mazière, as saying that the suitcase bomb was probably planted by authorities as a security test.

German security experts said today it was most likely that either US or African authorities were behind the test, following the recent security scare over parcel bombs sent from Yemen to the US.

I wrote about the manufactured bomb event in Yemen in an earlier post.

Larry Copello, owner and president of Larry Copello Inc, the Californian firm that manufactured the suitcase bomb stated:

“The cases are sold for security training to US government agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration, which oversees security at US airports. The devices are used to train security screeners to spot bombs, other clients include foreign governments, including embassies, and corporate security firms”

Copello said his products are distributed through a security firm in San Francisco, which he refused to identify.



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