Pakistan Has Taken The Biggest Losses In The War Against Terror

In the three years up to November 2010, the number of civilian deaths in terrorism-related incidents in Pakistan has leapt to over 25,000. That’s more than any 9/11 & 7/7 combined and multiplied many times over, yet, “The West” keeps telling Pakistan it should do more to combat terrorism.

It is surprising how little we hear about what is happening at the moment in Pakistan from the mouths of Pakistanis. We hear brief news reports detailing terrorist attacks from the region with numbing regularity but is rare that we stop to consider what those attacks mean for those caught up in them.

Take Tahir Malik’s first hand account he says that compared to what is happening in his own country ‘people in the West know nothing about terrorism’.

Channel 4’s Dispatches City of Fear, follows the police and people of Islamabad as Pakistan’s capital battles to overcome an unprecedented wave of terrorist attacks, providing a powerful insight into what the real war on terrorism fought on the streets of the metropolis really means, with bloody and tragic consequences.

It’s available to watch for the next few days on the Dispatches website here.



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3 responses to “Pakistan Has Taken The Biggest Losses In The War Against Terror

  1. neel123

    The Pakistani army is fighting the terrorists it once created, and still protecting the ones that are working under it command.

    Therefore it is not doing anyone any favour by fighting the terrorists and taking losses.

    The argument that Pakistan has taken biggest losses in WOT is a lame argument which has no buyers.

    • John

      Pakistan is a key ally in the war of terror, simple as that.

      The facts are as the post states that they have suffered more civilian and army deaths than the rest of the “coalition of the willing” put together.

      Whats your problem in accepting this?

      Are the lives of Pakistani’s not worth as much to you?

      The internal security of the country has worsened ever since the CIA & Blackwater opened up and expanded its operations in Islamabad.

      One could easily say that they are part of the problem and are destabilising the country.

      Funny how the war in Afghanistan has moved seamlessly into the “AfPak” (Afghanistan/Pakistan) war.

      In case you didnt know:

      Al-Qaeda was created, trained and financed by the CIA.

      The ISI’s role in the Afghan Jihad of the 80’s was to facilitate the transfer of weapons to local mujahideen commanders.

      Al-Qaeda and the mujahideen of the 80’s are two different entities.

      Pakistan had nothing to do with 9/11.

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