The Portland Christmas Tree Bomber – How The FBI Created, Trained & Supplied “An Islamic Terrorist”

For a period of 18 months, the FBI trained and then supplied bomb making equipment to Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the target – a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon’s Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The supposed explosive was a dummy that FBI operatives supplied to him, that failed to go off, according to an affidavit in support of a criminal complaint.

According to the FBI, their undercover agents had decided to meet with Mr. Mohamud in Portland in July 2010, where Mr. Mohamud expressed a desire to conduct “Jihad” against non-Muslims. The story fast-forwards to Friday, November 26, 2010, when Mr. Mohamud was arrested after trying to detonate an inert bomb supplied to him by the FBI, on the corner of Southwest Yamhill Street and Sixth Avenue – in full view of the ceremony.

The FBI asset identified a location to place the bomb and mailed bomb components to his FBI handlers, who he believed were assembling the device. He also mailed them passport photos so he could sneak out of the country after the attack, according to the affidavit.

He provided the FBI operatives with a memory stick that contained detailed directions to the bomb location and operational instructions for the attack.

On Nov. 4, Mohamud and the FBI operatives travelled to a remote spot in Lincoln County, where they detonated a bomb concealed in a backpack as a trial run for the upcoming attack.

Later that day, Mohamud recorded a video of himself with the FBI operatives in which he read a written statement offering his reasons for the planned Portland bombing.

On Nov. 18, FBI operatives picked up Mohamud to travel to Portland, where they would finalize details of the attack.

The above are all FACTS, sworn down to the letter of the law, so isn’t it slightly perplexing why the FBI, knowing Mr. Mohamud’s criminal intent, and upon delivering the bomb to the willing would-be terrorist, would allow him to approach a large public venue and attempt to detonate the device in public view. All the while the US Attorney’s Office maintains that “the public was never in danger”.

The official narrative of the “War on Terror” is that there are Muslims hell bent on destroying “The West”. My scepticism, of course, comes from the fact that the only groups that seem to be actually building bombs and conducting terrorist operations are within our own Western Governments.

Parallels between Portland’s staged terror stunt can be seen with a very similar FBI operation that went “wrong” on February 26, 1993 at New York City’s World Trade Centre. The FBI was also in contact with willing terrorists whom they assisted in building an inert bomb. Inexplicably, the FBI agents switched the inert explosives with a real device which was then delivered to the WTC and detonated, killing 6 and injuring 1,042.

These revelations were made public after FBI informant, former Egyptian army officer Emad Salem, revealed recordings he made of his conversations with the FBI agents. He became suspicious of their motives and feared for his own safety upon realizing real explosives were being used.

The recordings were published by the New York Times, but failed to get any recognition in the mass media.

The US Justice Department’s official statement states that:

“FBI agents constructed and detonated a real device with Mohamud on November 4, 2010 in a run-up to the actual event”

What we have are proven facts of FBI agents posing as terrorists, constructing and detonating real explosives whilst using the patsy of a “radicalised Muslim” to shoulder the blame and by default propagating the myth of the “Muslim Bogeyman” that the Neo-Con inspired “Clash of Civilizations” theorised.

The end result of course is that people will believe that Muslims were behind such a plot, and will physically attack Muslims – The Corvallis Masajid, which was frequented by the FBI asset, was gutted in an arson attack on Sunday.

It’s proven that the intelligence agencies were behind this false flag terror operation. What other recent attacks supposedly committed by Muslims have the intelligence agencies been involved in?

Where’s WikiLeaks when you need them?

The War on Terror?


It’s The War OF Terror.


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6 responses to “The Portland Christmas Tree Bomber – How The FBI Created, Trained & Supplied “An Islamic Terrorist”

  1. The largest cache of the homemade explosives PETN and HMTD ever found in the United States was discovered on Thanksgiving Day by San Diego police. PETN happens to be the type of explosive favored by Al-Qaeda militants. Now, I know what many people out there are thinking. All terrorists are Muslim and, therefore, this bomb-maker must be a Muslim too. Only Muslim terrorists use PETN. Correct?

    Not correct. This very big batch of PETN belongs to one George Djura Jakubec, a Serbian national and 54 year-old computer software consultant who happens to hoard all sorts of dangerous chemicals including sulfuric acid. George is considered a bank robber but he is now under investigation for links to terrorist organizations. The stockpile of explosives was so dangerous that authorities had the entire block near Escondido, California evacuated. These types of explosives are very sensitive and could be detonated with a slight shock, making law enforcement’s task all the more difficult and dangerous.

    But what if he were Muslim?

    If he were Muslim, then expect to hear more pretentious “I told ya so” rhetoric from talking-heads about how Americans shouldn’t be so politically correct because all terrorists are Muslim and foreign so therefore we shouldn’t feel bad about racial or religious profiling. Never mind the concrete data showing that most terrorists in America and Europe are not Muslim.

    What these hot-air blowing pundits don’t understand (or don’t care to understand) is that racial profiling doesn’t work, it’s counterproductive, and it is an affront to American pluralism. Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has called it “misleading and, arguably, dangerous.” It is dangerous because terrorists have no race or religion. Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. So if we profile only Muslims or immigrants, then terrorists who are not Muslims or immigrants will have a better chance at getting through security. The better option is to profile for suspicious behavior. But facts, logic, and the recommendations of high-ranking security officials and scholars won’t stop these loons from continuing their holy waragainst Islam. Why let a little rationality bring down the party when the business of Islamophobic alarmism is booming and anti-Muslim politicians are winning?

    For this Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for many things, but in particular, I am thankful the people who live in the anti-Muslim blogosphere’s perpetual Muslim-bashing imagination fantasy land aren’t actually in charge of our collective security.

    Note: This article is part of our “What if they were Muslim?” series. In this series, we examine the double standards used by anti-Muslim activists when discussing religious extremism in Islam as compared to other religions. We reject using extremists of any religion to justify prejudice, stereotypes, and hostility towards all members of that religion. Period.

  2. Yes, well you should also not hold back the truth when a certain religion is really violent and evil. Nor should you use specious rationalizations to convince yourself that the world’s most violent religion is no worse than say, the Mormons.

    You have heard of 9/11, London, Madrid, Beslam, Mumbai and Fort Hood, I trust? Did the FBI set those up as sting operations as well?

    You are in deep denial — probably so you won’t have to feel obligated to do anything to stop Islamic terror.

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  4. Arkadia Moon

    An interesting point: Portland jumped ship on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Subsequently, the FBI began the operation that led to the ‘bombing attempt’. (In fairness, the public never *was* in any danger, because the FBI agents had ensured that the bomb was inert and could not explode.) The ‘bombing attempt’ and arrest, interestingly, occurred at the same time as rejoining the JTTF arose as a major issue in Portland. I don’t have the evidence in front of me to actually declare that the incident was essentially a ‘Reichstag fire’, but that disturbing possibility can’t be ignored.

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