A Shift In Power As Qatar Win World Cup Bid 2022, Russia To Host 2018.

It’s a blow to the established powers as the new superpowers Qatar & Russia won the world cup bids for 2018 and 2022, beating England, USA & Japan in the process. Barack Obama wasn’t happy with the World Cup going to the Middle East for the first time.

The Akh was going to write on this issue, but after reading LondonMuslims take on it, I’ve decided to reproduce it in it’s entirety:

Why England really lost the bid to host the 2018 World Cup

The English are squealing over losing the opportunity to host the World Cup in 2018, with the usual “we was robbed” narrative which is so typical of the vanity, arrogance and sense of entitlement that seems to bedevil the English.

The usual platitudes about corruption, dodgy foreigners, poor governance in the English game will be mentioned however, as I hinted prior to the vote their is something altogether more significant that the English need to get their head round and that’s simply nobody likes the English. 2 votes out of 22 and one was the English delegate in the first round is on a similar farcical scale to our Eurovision votes.

The utter nonsense that English xenophobic nationalists like to peddle that we are the greatest football nation in the world and the home of football is complete bolloxxx. England are crap at football with overweight flatfooted Muppet’s who seem to treat a ball like a grenade such is their fear of actually engaging in a decent pass and think dribbling is what babies do rather than what a footballer should. Most English players run like donkeys in comparison to the beautiful artistry of our European neighbours in Holland, Italy, Spain, France and Italy etc. The game in England is kept alive by Sky money but is bereft of virtually any talent.

While the English are so keen to invade and lecture the world what they need is a few home truths. The English increasingly remind me of an ageing punch drunk boxing champion who has had one fight to many. Rather than living off their glorious past and thinking the world is fascinated with our beef eaters or “mother of parliaments” deal with it we are increasingly seen as an insignificant island race with declining political economic and cultural relevance.

While the EDL march on our Mosques and the BNP campaign to outlaw halal food in schools what the English need to realise is you are fast running out of friends particularly in the Islamic world who watch the decline of decency and rise of racism with alarm and sadness on a par with seeing an old friend going off the rails. Carry on reading your Jewish extremist owned tabloids that feed you a diet of sex, reality shows, and Islamophopia and what can one expect of English attitudes and behaviour.

Listening to so called sports journalists spouting off about the unfair voting process which never seemed to worry them when we won London 2012 was particularly nauseating although not surprising for a nation who have lost the ability to be magnanimous in defeat. How typical that rather than congratulate Qatar all the likes of Torygraph can do is talk about the weather and Alcohol which appropriately seems to sum up this country’s priorities.

Rather than being hospitable to people of all faiths and cultures the English now increasingly show hostility while still clinging on to the coat tails of America whose own preoccupation with a declining economy and Empire will lead to more insular USA.

I don’t expect the English to change overnight as psychologically is must be traumatic to see your once great nation ridiculed around the world while you continue to sing “Rule Britannia”. Lets be honest any country that calls itself “Great” when all the evidence suggests the opposite must be a little sad.


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