Today Is The Day Free Speech Died – Wikileaks Website Shut Down – Free Speech Has A New Number:

The Wikileaks website has been taken down by their ISP after a massive Denial of Service (DOS) attack where vulnerable computers around the world are being hijacked by someone (wonder who that could be?) to bombard the Wikileaks site with requests.

The ISP has said this affects all the sites on their service so they are taking down the Wikileaks site.

WikiLeaks was booted from Amazon servers on Dec. 1, causing a brief outage, and tonight it went down again. The site had migrated to Swedish servers.

The WikiLeaks Twitter account (@WikiLeaks) took a while to respond to the outage, but finally spoke up, stating “WikiLeaks,org domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks.”

The DNS outage means that the domain name is down worldwide.

The Pentagon said Wednesday it could take down WikiLeaks if it wanted to, but to that point had decided against it.

There have been reports that Russia is interested in shutting the site down.

How very convenient.

Free speech died today.

At the moment there is still a way to access the site.

Free speech has a new number:


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