My Trip To The United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi – November 2010

As I promised here’s the pictures and videos of my trip to the United Arab Emirates from earlier in the month. I haven’t had the time to do a write up, so this will have to suffice. On a personal front, it’s been a very hectic and draining year for The Akh, but Alhumdullilah (All praise due to Allah) this break was precisely what was needed to recharge the batteries.

The challenges of the next 12 months will be great and will come thick and fast, but with the help of Allah, The Akh is ready to take on those twisting roads that lie infront of him.

Welcome to Dubai

Where everything has to be big & shiny, including our buildings, tallest in the world don’t you know

Where we put on a show

Our yachts, the largest in the world and ready for delivery.

Yas Marina, right next door to the Abu Dhabi Yas Island F1 circuit. The newest race track built.

With plenty of fancy yachts moored

Recession? What recession?

There was no point hiring anything less than a Bugatti Veyron now was there?

Not sure about the colour scheme though

For a car with a price tag of over a million pounds and that’s before Hermes got their hands on it to customise it, you would have thought that the colours would be a bit more bolder.

With petrol at 25p a litre, you can afford to run a 16300cc (16.3) litre engine…bonkers

Time for a spot of relaxation on the beach

Had it all to myself…it was a private beach after all

Before taking the leap of faith at the aquaventure water park, not my footage, but what a ride, 30 metre vertical drop into a pool.

The drive back, off the Palm Jumeirah was nice at sunset

I’ll have the rest of the trip up for you tomorrow.

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