My Trip To The United Arab Emirates – Dubai – November 2010

As promised, here’s the second section of pictures and videos of my trip to the United Arab Emirates, this time in Dubai.

Went out for a spin in the countryside

Nearly got killed

Ended up with the tyre coming of its rim, now where’s my AA recovery membership card gotten to?

Hooray…finally some culture at the UAE Heritage Village

And I think I may have killed a donkey…had to get out of there fast.

Before bumping into a local Emirati with a fierce looking pigeon

The Abu Dhabi skyline wasn’t too shabby.

And the sun didn’t disappoint once

Thought I’d see the local Masajid.

It’s big

They couldn’t make it the biggest in the world though….

for obvious reasons…though I’m sure they could if they were allowed to

Escape the heat and into the cool

You call that a doorway?

Nice bit of objet d’art, hand carved by….

Yummy – giant sweeties

Mehrab – Point where the Salaat (prayer) is lead from

Don’t worry the light wasn’t going to fall on my head

Just in case I forgot where I was, a helicopter buzzed overhead with a giant flag

Had to do a touch of shopping

Seeing all the fish made me hungry

Getting lazy, thought I’d hitch a ride

Before driving home

Down the Metropolis of Sheikh Zayed road…and back to blighty where it gets dark at four and the temperature barely rises above zero….we came from the sun to live in the cold….why?



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2 responses to “My Trip To The United Arab Emirates – Dubai – November 2010

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  2. These are great photos, thanks so much for sharing. The heritage village looks interesting, wish I could’ve gone there…


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