How MPACUK Removed FOUR British Members of Parliament – “The Muslim Elections” Documentary

Hassan Alkatib looks at the 2010 UK elections and the unprecedented role MPACUK played in getting rid of FOUR sitting members of Parliament.

The Akh volunteered with the MPACUK team in the successful campaigns run in both Hendon & Watford, and knows only too well the potential of the lazy Muslim masses can have in being a pivotal part of shaping the future of our country for the better.

Instead of leaving all the hard work to organisations like MPACUK to politicise their community by getting rid of repugnant pro-war, pro-israeli, unethical individuals like Andrew Dismore, Terry Rooney & Phil Woolas.

Good work by the brother Hassan and the MPACUK team getting favourable media coverage.

The Akh salutes you.


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