Arab Sheikhs Love A Good Christmas Tree!

Who says Arab states don’t allow Christians to celebrate their festivals?

The world’s most expensive Christmas tree is up… in the United Arab Emirates. And there are (at least) 181 reasons why it cost so much.

So let’s just break that down in numbers shall we?

Height of the artificial evergreen tree, in feet

Cost of the tree alone

Number of diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stones used to decorate the tree

$11.5 million
Estimated cost of the jewels

$1 million (3.5 million dirhams)
Value of the tree’s most expensive ornament, a diamond set

Number of security guards monitoring the tree

$10.8 million
Value of rival most-expensive Christmas tree contender, in Japan

Rooms and suites in the seven-star Emirates Palace

$3 billion
Cost of building the hotel

Price of a glass of Hardy Perfection cognac at the hotel, a Guinness record

11 lbs.
Amount of edible pure gold the hotel uses each year for desserts and decor

8 percent
Abu Dhabi’s share of the world’s crude oil supply

Money well spent, don’t you agree?

Now if there was only room on that tree to hang a few of these idiots who run the Middle East.


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