Shhhh Don’t Tell The Kids….Santa Claus & Osama Bin Laden Are The Same Person!

I never thought about Santa Claus having so much in common with Osama Bin Laden. After all, there was news of the FBI trained Christmas tree bomber. But it only took me a few minutes to come up with a list of things those two figures have in common.

So in the Spirit of Christmas and increased terrorist activities, I present this list of commonalities.

1. They both appeal to the young ones and promise to reward them with things if they cooperate, or punish them if they do not.

2. The both appear at a special time of the year and make their presence known.

3. Some people go to great lengths to take their pictures.

4. Some people debate their existence.

5. The scope of their work and its effectiveness is debated.

6. Some people take them to be religious figures.

7. They both indulge in guilty pleasures: cookies for Santa and Whitney Houston for Osama.

8. They are both operate in the dark when you are asleep.

9. They live faraway in a place we never even knew existed.

10. They both star in publications, including movies, music posters, and books.

11. They have a loyal army of workers who are as committed and dedicated as they are, blindly supported and rarely questioned.

12. Both tracked by NORAD.

13. Some countries ban their image.

14. They both sport beards.

15. They both ship packages.

16. They both have blacklists.

17. Both figures are used by superior powers to achieve a higher agenda.

18. They both wear head gear.

19. Both are associated with flying objects and flying into buildings.

20. Controversial endorsement, some think neither should appear on merchandise.

21. They both have established global franchises and both outsource.

22. They both have mysterious sources of funding and operation. No one ever audits their books.


23. The only way to get to where they live is on the back of animals.

Thanks to the chaps over at Kabobfest


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