Edin Dzeko, Muslim Bosnian Footballer, Welcome To The Premier League

Edin Dzeko is a Muslim & was born in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, on 17 March 1986. He and his family had to cope with the Bosnian war rampaging through the country when he was only six.

He recalled:

“It was a hard time for everyone in the country. There wasn’t much to eat, not really enough for three meals a day. I was very afraid every day. We were always having to hide when shots rang out or bombs fell. You could get shot at any time. I cried a lot in those days. Thank God the war is in the past.”

Dzeko may be unorthodox in playing style, but in other ways he is a typical child of Sarajevo.

“I was six when the war started,” he said. “It was terrible. My house was destroyed so we went to live with my grandparents. The whole family was there, maybe 15 people all staying in an apartment about 35metres square. It was very hard. We were stressed every day in case somebody we knew died.”

Football seemed a world away.

“A lot of footballers start to play kicking a ball around in the street but for me that was impossible, when the war finished I was much stronger, mentally. After the war I played with my friends in the streets, at school, then my father took me to Zeljeznicar.”

Their stadium lay on the frontline and when the siege was finally lifted, the first thing players and officials had to do was to clear the pitch of mines.

That experience should help him settle in Moss Side.

Edin (pronounced Eid-in) has just signed for the Arabs at Manchester City (booo) for a whopping £35 million, where he joins fellow Muslim footballers, brothers Habib “Kolo” and Yahya Toure.

58 goals and 31 assists over the past two and a half seasons suggests, he can finish and create.

To go from wartorn Bosnia to the most expensive player in British history takes some doing.

The Akh wishes you had been signed by Liverpool…how we can do with another striker to help Fernando Torres.



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30 responses to “Edin Dzeko, Muslim Bosnian Footballer, Welcome To The Premier League

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  2. Abdulrhman Al-Ali

    Good luck, Dzeko !
    May Allah grants u the best days in man city

  3. -MA-

    MashaAllah, may Allah (SWT) grant us success and keep him on the straight path.

    PS: We don’t need another striker to help Torres anymore, we have Suarez on his own 😉

  4. Sakaria

    May Allah SWT guide you brother your our role model, look after yourself and the Muslim ummah. Indeed we are proud of you brother.

    Sakaria Mohamed

  5. I just know if Edin is a muslim here, thaks for u’re information. He will be a great figure in manchaster city, I thought his attitude is very good and easy going.inside he had a terrible story …^^ Good lucky Edin, we support u…

  6. K.Abudhakeer

    masha allah, gud luck eid-in

  7. bratanovic

    great bosian player, although i have to add he cost 27 million not 35, he’s not even close to being the most expensive player in british history.

  8. bilal india

    iam ur fan eid-in. Best of luck. May allah bless u with amazing football.

  9. akko shawn

    maleeh is so cool

  10. i wiish edin dzeko to stop the footboll playing,because he is amuslim.

  11. Masha Allah i just know edin is muslim masha Allah i hope another players to be muslim and i hope my country will be fine my home land is somalia i love my my somalia i big Allah be help us by

  12. SAALAX

    Allahu Akbar there are many muslim stars in Europe like Frank Bilal Ribery Samir Nasri Karim Benzema and just i knew that Edin Dzeko is a muslim man I am very glad to hear that Dzeko is muslim I support manchester city the reason is there is too many muslim players in sky Blue


    im a Ahmed Muhammed bello i live in nigeria in nigeria sokoto state the city of usman bin fodio i like ur ball dzeko my allah help u
    good day and god bless us

  14. slaveofALALH

    i never knew until i saw him raise his hands on dua before coming in as a sub, MASHALLAH i have alot of respect for this man, how he went through in life, MAY SUBHANALLAH KEEP EVERY MUSLIM UMMAH SAFE FROM SHAITAN AND ENEMIES AMEEN ya rabil ala ameen

  15. musty

    Awesome 2 hear that Dzeko is a muslim, love the way he plays wished he was an arsenal player. Alot number of players in Europe are muslim Ribery,Kanoute,Abidal,Nasri,Altintop,Diara,sow,Ba,Kaboul,Affelay,Ozil,Benzima,Sahin,Xavier,Anelka,Sagna,Traore,Hazard,Thuram,Lizarazu,Ben arfa,Ahmad Musa etc “Alhamdulillah” may Allah (S.W.A) grant us Aljannat

  16. MashaAllah
    live to win in ur carrer

  17. good luckdzeko ireally ne of you supoters in somalians
    my Allah bles

  18. sebahudin mohammed

    I’ve 2say Allhamdulilah, we ‘ve many muslim stars in Man-city!! I wish u all z best dzeko, nasri, yaya….

  19. Mathey malagow

    Oh, my Allah thanks. Edin dzeko is muslim, i am so happy

  20. Muhammad Khamees Saeed Gumau

    I was highly delighted 2 hear that Edin is a Muslim as also for Ribery, Oxil and co. May Allah bless U and my NIGERIA

  21. Uor allah will help you if you amuslim but chrisitian no h’ve any relgion you will be good

  22. jaleil

    You missed van persie from the list of muslims, Alhumdulillah

  23. deden edi

    Allahu Akbar, I hope edin will represent as practcal moslim… bravo for edin dzeko

    Deden – Indonesia

  24. Dzeko my god plz you an gve you his pradise insha allah aaaaaaaaamin my god help u always

  25. May almighty encourages you and improve your capability

  26. khalifa nura

    Thenkh you

  27. I agree with this story.
    I support Edin Dzeko
    I’m an Mancity fan,I love Edin Dzeko
    Thank you for information sharing

  28. Isah othman adam

    Alhamdulillah! May allah guide u, nd i wish u the best in ur lyf.

  29. I love you, Dzeko. More and more each day since the first I knew you. Wish we can meet someday 🙂

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