Liverpool FC Sack Roy Hodgson – King Kenny Dalglish Returns

Breaking news: The board at Liverpool FC took the decision to remove Roy Hodgson from his post as manager and have replaced him with the legend that is “King” Kenny Dalglish.

The Akh and all Liverpool supporters thank the board for making this move and listening to our concerns over the future of our club.

The Akh does have some reservations over Dalglish’s managerial awareness, it’s been over a decade since he managed last – and the game has changed in that period.

Let’s hope that Kenny can galvanise the squad and inject some impetus into them ahead of the game at old toilet against manure in the FA cup tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Liverpool FC Sack Roy Hodgson – King Kenny Dalglish Returns

  1. StayUnited

    Haha! You’re getting excited that old Kenny is back in the ranks!

    You’re right, he hasn’t managed in a decade, do we have another Kevin Keegan-like moment when he went back Newcastle again, I wonder?

    Bye bye Roy, welcome old clueless pensioner Kenny. Good luck! You’re gonna need it with that pile of rubbish squad you have at Livercesspool and your beloved Grandma Anne’s field. Come to think of it it does smell like old people. Kenny will fit right in perfectly.

  2. StayUnited

    Long live King Kenny!

    Hahahahaha! 😀

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