Stop Snitching Campaign Lands in London – Flyers In Peckham Urge People Not To Talk To Police

A “Stop Snitching” website and flyer campaign has been launched in Peckham, London, urging local people not to speak to the police investigating a recent murder.

The police have labelled these actions as being “irresponsible”. Perhaps the police should try and do some good old fashioned detective work, collect evidence and build a case. Instead of spending their time breaking into people’s properties.

You want justice, we all want justice. If you need to speak to the police, make sure you have a qualified legal professional with you. Never agree to talk to the police on your own.

The Akh really has no love for the police, the biggest and most well armed gang in the UK have lost all touch with the public they are supposed to protect. The statistics of civilian deaths in police custody speak for themselves.

The long slow death of Habeus Corpus.

If the police truly want to gain the public’s trust, The Akh suggests a complete overhaul of the IPCC with a truly independent body that does not consist of the old boys network of retired police and judges. The police often have a “code of silence” when it comes to a police officer testifying against a fellow officer.

They want you to “snitch” on one another, but they never do the same.

The police have been getting away with murder for years, they

…..Physically attack people for protesting

…..Murder those who do protest and then try to cover it up
…..Put fear in to would-be activists and those who question government policy

…..Do not allow free media coverage of protests and police brutality

Have a read of a recent case where a man was choked to death by the police and the subsequent cover up that ensued, in date order:

AN inquest into the death of Habib Ullah, who suffered a cardiac arrest while being searched for drugs by police in High Wycombe, began yesterday.

A POLICE officer involved in a “chaotic” drugs search of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest was advised to remove part of his statement by a solicitor, an inquest heard.

THE police officer in charge of the search of Habib Ullah thought he was “faking” injury before a paramedic arrived and found he was unconscious, an inquest heard.

A POLICE officer has told an inquest why he was seen ‘gripping the throat’ of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest after a “chaotic” drugs search in High Wycombe.

THE paramedic who found Habib Ullah in cardiac arrest after a police drugs search would have ‘looked deeper into his throat’ if given more information on arrival, an inquest heard.

THE inquest into the death of Habib Ullah has been abandoned midway through – after it emerged a solicitor had advised police officers to alter their statements the day after the incident.



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5 responses to “Stop Snitching Campaign Lands in London – Flyers In Peckham Urge People Not To Talk To Police

  1. Meat

    If you lived anywhere near peckham then you would realise that getting these scum off the streets is the best thing to do. Everyday there is an incident int peckham or surrounding areas. The police may have done some wrong but if the criminals go then so will the police.

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      I agree with you, that the law must be upheld and there should be no tolerance for any sort of crime on our streets.

      The question is that the police do not have the public’s trust – as they have misused and abused it, how does that get fixed?

  2. steveyruss

    Yes individual police officers have done wrong in the past and will continue to (all humans in all walks of life do bad things not just police officers) but weigh it up against the positive contribution they have done overall. The streets would be infinitely worse without them. Calling them a gang is an interesting proposition, however, they have a core set of values to follow and training that they must participate in. Yeh there are lapses but the criminals on Peckhams streets do not have any values apart from self gain and drugs.

    The leaflets are blatant intimidation by a group that do not want to face the law, it is disgraceful. Anyone with information that could lead to the capture of a murderer is doing the public a service. Lets not take this too far.

    In this country at least the human rights are pretty strong, the police have to really watch their step and the justice system is more critical of them than say in the US where the courts will always favour the police force. It isn’t perfect here I know.

    I agree that they have lost the connection with the public but that is mostly the govenments fault for taking them off the street in the first place, giving them different roles and putting them in different towns where they don’t know anyone. It was different years ago when the local bobby used to walk into the pub and know everyone! I never see a police officer these days unless they are inside a car.

    I do want to say though that the press do not help in high profile cases where they pressurise for an arrest, this leads to mishaps and mistakes that have put innocent people in jail and ruined lives. Equally this bull about respecting community relations needs to be dropped, the police will never operate properly when they have to tiptoe around race and religion. If race really is that important and people feel victimized employ more people from the black community or islamic officers, there is a ton of unemployed people out there.

  3. Brian

    This whole thing makes no sense. The Url now points to the website http://www.gonetoosoon which is an obituary/memorial website. How convenient that the website about snitching should point there. I think this is a police psychops. Operation Trident is under threat of having its funding reduced/withdrawn or being closed altogether due to the ConDem cuts. So what better way to keep it alive than conducting a Psychological operation to panic and sow terror in the hearts and minds of gullible and ignorant inner-city blacks.

  4. obama

    peckham 4 life dont snitch and have a nice dat

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