Hardly Anyone Bothers To Vote As Labour’s Debbie Abrahams Wins Oldham Saddleworth Byelection

A staggeringly low and understandingly apathetic voter turnout of just 48% of the people turned out to vote in the Oldham Saddleworth byelection, which Labours Debbie Abrahams won with a majority of 3,558.

Here’s the breakdown:

Labour 14,718
Lib Dems 11,160
Conservatives 4,481
UKIP 2,029
Others 2,542

Labour majority 3,558
Turnout 48.1%

The LondonMuslim blog does a good job in deciphering what this means for Muslims in Oldham.

The Tory vote absolutely collapsed with a 11% swing from Conservatives to Labour compared with the general election results of a few months ago.

The protest vote has decided to lay the blame of the country’s problems squarely on the shoulders of the DemCons coalition government, and have turned back to Labour, the ones who got us into this mess in the first place.

With a massive 52% of people not turning upto vote at all, perhaps it’s time to enact a “I vote for none of the above” option on the ballot papers, that way those who abstain from voting can then truly stick two fingers up at the politicians.

Seems like voters in Oldham want the none of the above option.


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