America’s Home Grown Terrorists Attempt To Bomb Martin Luther King Day Parade – What If They Were Muslim?

A backpack bomb which could have killed hundreds was disabled after being found along the route of a Martin Luther King memorial day parade in the U.S. The device was spotted on the street in Spokane, Washington, by workers just 30 minutes before 1,500 people were due to walk past in celebration of the late black civil rights leader.

Oh you haven’t even heard that this happened?

Want to know why?

Because Muslims weren’t involved, if they were, it’d be prime time news the world over.

The FBI has so far declined to reveal specifics about the explosives but an official familiar with the case said the bomb was sophisticated and had a remote detonator.

Some 15 different hate groups are in operation in Washington State including the racist Aryan Nations.

The FBI said those responsible are to be considered ‘armed and dangerous’, but this being America, we don’t label our own home grown threat as terrorists….terrorists are the brown skinned Muslims from the unpronounceable mountain covered corners of the world.

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