Macy Gray Loving Apartheid Israel

Looks like Macy Gray needs the izzy shekels real bad, the irony of her going out to perform in the racist apartheid state with Martin Luther King day just last week isn’t lost on me…one group of people deny the other any semblance of the rights and privileges they enjoy themselves, whilst brutally suppressing and murdering any resistance.

This is what she had to say via her facebook page:

“I’m booked for 2 shows in TelAviv. I’m getting alot of letters from activists urging/begging me to boycott by NOT performing in protest of Apartheid against the Palestinians. What the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting, but I wana go. I gotta lotta fans there I dont want to cancel on and I dont know how my NOT going changes anything. What do you think? Stay or go?”

Which translates as:

I was contacted about playing a show in Israel, which is obviously hard up for foreign performers. Then I was informed that I shouldn’t play a show there, because Israel is an apartheid state. But this is not 1999… This crack doesn’t pay for itself.


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