Sian Massey – Do Women Know The Offside Rule?

Seems like Murdochs Sky football commentators Richard Keys & Andy Gray had a pot shot at female referee’s assistant Sian Massey & women in general.

The Akh saw the game & had to give props to referee’s assistant for getting the crucial offside call right in the build-up to Liverpool’s opening goal.

This isn’t the first time football commentators have put their bigoted comments out there, remember Ron Atkinson calling Marcel Desailly a ‘lazy nigger’.

In terms of textbook male “banter”, having a moan about women not knowing the offside rule is up there with discussing what you drive in between awkward silences at a wonderful weekend soiree that the bloody wife’s dragged you along to.

So take a bow Keys and Gray, who no doubt went on to complain about shoe shopping and being forced to watch Dancing On Ice despite the fact that they’re real men who would much rather watch Top Gear.


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One response to “Sian Massey – Do Women Know The Offside Rule?

  1. hotterthanapileofcurry

    Richard Keys quits and blames “dark forces” at Sky for forcing him and Andy Gray out.

    Anything to do with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire under pressure to clean up their act in the light of the phone hacking scandal?

    Andy Gray had begun legal action against Murdoch’s News of the World for hacking his phone.

    Is it the Daily Mail demographic getting it all out of proportion?

    Fernando Torres scored last night against Fulham, only for the referee to wrongly disallow it for offside – though he was clearly onside – guess men don’t get the offside rule either.

    Am I sexist for that?

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