Tony Blairs “Regrets” at the Chilcot Coverup & Andy Coulsons Departure from Downing Street

In an interesting week for sleazy political happenings, the liar & war criminal Tony Blair reappeared infront of the Chilcot cover up harbouring “regrets” while the tory phone hacker Andy Coulson finally got his marching orders.

The Scum says he showed regret for the first time since the war began but “again stopped short of an apology”.

Although sorry seems to be the hardest word to say for Bliar, he took centre stage to make grandstanding remarks to “stand as firm against Iran as he did with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq”.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail focuses on the “fury of families” saying tearful relatives at the inquiry shouted it is too late while others left in disgust.

If you haven’t read it before, then Carne Ross’s testimony is the most damning indictment of the lies told in the march towards engineering an illegal war & regime change in Iraq.

The Tory spin doctor Andy Coulson was finally kicked out for his involvement in phone hacking whilst editor of Murdochs News of the world rag. A lot of the press took a strange approach on the story, how Coulson was not one born of privilege (like the rest of the silver spooned Tory haw haws) and his everyday man approach of not being in Cameron’s “Notting Hill Set” will be missed.

Could this be “the most serious blow to the government since the coalition came to power”.

The Akh is not pleased with the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the News of the World investigation that prompted Andy Coulson’s resignation, there are too many unanswered questions about too many important people, companies and institutions.

The real reason Coulson went?

Have a read of Coulson’s testimony under cross examination in the recent defamation retrial of Tommy Sheridan against News of the World.

Funny how the Scottish justice system can get Coulson in front of a judge, but the Metropolitan Police couldn’t.

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