America Using “Scorched Earth” Tactics Against People of Afghanistan

American troops are employing a scorched earth policy of blowing up houses and razing Afghan villages to the ground.

The Times reports that in one case the village of Tarok Kalache was razed by more than 20 tonnes of rockets and bombs after being deemed a “Taliban tactical base”.

In an apparently separate incident 40 walled homes in the village of Khosrow were flattened with a barrage of 25 rockets. Other similar incidents have been reported.

US Marines in Sangin destroyed a densely housed strip 100 metres wide on either side of the road into the Wishtan area of the town earlier this month to prevent insurgents using the buildings as cover.

The tactic, similar to the ones employed by Russian Spetsnaz in the 1980’s, is understood to have been approved by General David Petraeus, the overall Nato commander, in December – even though it appears at odds with rules of engagement he outlined last year that urged his troops to “treat the Afghan people and their property with respect”.

And you wonder why the people of Afghanistan are fighting you?

Nothing to do with Talibans or Al CIAda, just everyday people who are sick and tired of being slaughtered by an occupying force.

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