Get Out Mubarak! Saudi Arabia is Waiting For You

The people have spoken, no matter the perceived strengths of the mukhabarat (secret police) your time is up Hosni Mubarak. Al-Qahira means “the city victorious” in Arabic, and once again it’s people will be victorious!

Get out Mubarak, Saudi Arabia is waiting for you!

On a sidenote, have you noticed the lack of press coverage this is getting? This is as big as the Tienanmen Square uprising, but most of the western press are strangely quiet.

The Egyptian government is blocking twitter and facebook to suppress any reports of their brutal crackdown on the protesters.

There are some excellent people on twitter who are posting up photo’s all the time.

There’s also the facebook group of “We are all Khaled Said” who are constantly updating on the situation.

The Guardian have a rolling blog keeping you updated too.

A UK demonstration to show solidarity with the Egyptian protesters is planned outside the Egypt Embassy in London today between 3pm and 6pm

Seems like social media have trounced the traditional channels.



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2 responses to “Get Out Mubarak! Saudi Arabia is Waiting For You

  1. JL

    Yesterday was a day of “anger” and protests in Egypt. I and many others were surprised and delighted that so many Egyptians dared to come on to the streets and face the army of the modern day firaun Mubarak.

    Three people died yesterday two protesters and one policeman. Many protesters camped out last night saying they are not going to move until Mubarak is in Jeddah. Today the government has said enough and most social networking is down in Egypt which is very dangerous for the people as the world needs to see exactly what is happening to them.

    I would say that part of the success of the Tunisian uprising was due to the fact that although their government blocked face book and youtube still we could follow on Twitter but it seems Mubarak has managed to block twitter at the moment. The Tunisians got very clever and set up mirror accounts whatever that means. Egyptians are clever too lets hope they get back on the net soon.

    YaAllah remove Mubarak & all of the evil mafia dictatorship families from the Ummah. Take the fear from the hearts so they can rise up & stand firm & face the oppressors armies. Ya Allah replace western backed corrupt tyrants & let muslims rise up & live Islam & show the world the beauty of Islam. Guide those who turned their faces from mecca towards the west, forgive all of us & let us reclaim our honour Amin

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