American Weaponry Killing Egyptian Protesters

American supplied military hardware is being used to kill protesters in Egypt. As the picture clearly states….Made in the USA.

Egypt is the second largest receiver of American military aid, behind Israel.

Everything that is happening in Egypt is about Israel, not about Mubarak.

The Israeli strategy in the Middle East has been firmly set on the continuity of the Sadat-Mubarak dictatorship. Israeli terrorism and occupation is in full effect in Egypt as much as it is in Palestine.

America understands that, (read Hilary Clinton’s statement) and of course Mubrak knows that America understands that too.

So what can we expect?

A continuing tightening of the siege of Gaza by Mubarak and if Mubarak needs to massacre more people in the streets, the American administration and Congress will stand firmly behind him.

Mubarak knows he can live a long life of rule – 31 years and counting. He knows that he can serve Israel and win high scores from the American administration and congress no matter what he does inside Egypt and no matter if he even commits massacres against the Egyptian people.

As long as he keeps his doors open to Netanyahu, and as long as he imposes a savage siege on the people of Gaza, the Americans and most of the western governments remain happy with Mubarak.


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