America’s Home Grown Terrorist Roger Stockham Attempts To Blow Up Mosque & Airport – What If He Was A Muslim?

Roger Stockham, is a terrorist to you & me, after all this is a man that tried to blow up one of the biggest mosques, has previously planted a bomb in a Nevada airport, held hostages in a office building using two bombs and a pistol as well as kidnapping his own 9-year-old son from a foster home and stealing an airplane to make a getaway.

To America, he is a mentally disturbed individual who “never meant to hurt anyone at any time and had no intention of blowing up any mosque at any time”.

The mainstream media have completely ignored this, just imagine if just one of these list of crimes had been committed by a Muslim man, his mugshot would be on every single TV screen, on the hour every hour.

So what does that tell you about our media culture?

If a Muslim man was armed to the teeth with machine guns and a bomb and he had been caught outside a church, you honestly believe it wouldn’t be front page news?

Well I’ll tell you why this didn’t make the news.

The official narrative in the war against Islam dictates that it is either the foreign Muslim bogeyman, hiding out in caves in the mountains of durka-durkastan that is the perpetrator of such heinous crimes or the “sleeper cell” hiding in our midsts.

A man who is brown skinned with a non european sounding name is so much easier to tag as a terrorist than a white man who is part of “our” community.


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2 responses to “America’s Home Grown Terrorist Roger Stockham Attempts To Blow Up Mosque & Airport – What If He Was A Muslim?

  1. ef

    What if he was a muslim? He was. He went by the name Hem Ahadin as recently as about 2 weeks before “the plot”. After the fall of the Shah he tried to “relocate” himself and his son to Iran.

    This didn’t make the news because the police sat on it for a week before releasing any details. The details that were released have turned out to be decidedly unimpressive.

    A dozen or two M-80s (much less powerful than their reputation suggests), spray paint and some alcohol were in his car when he was arrested.

    The storyline is also way too convoluted to make much sense. A older man enters a bar, introduces himself as “mujahedeen” to the manager and starts explaining the details of his plan, doing so at least partially in arabic, only to leave after being rebuffed. Hours later he’s located (less than a mile from the bar) in the Mosque parking lot…. and that’s just a few of the oddities.

    I don’t know his intent and neither do you. The statements he has made were ambiguous as to the actual target, but he was probably a bigger threat while driving his car than he would have been had he started lighting his firecrackers.

    There is nothing linking the guy to Christianity at all (are all white guys christians?) and the only airport connection is decades old. Your tags and your title are all baseless.

  2. Couldn’t have been summed up better masha’Allaah…To think I had found this out on of all places FACEBOOK, and NOT the mainstream media. Allaahu Musta’aan…May Allaah protect this ummah and unite us on the haqq ameen.

    A similar sort of thing happened to a sister who was in a court case against a man who began verbally attacking her because of her faith one day in a public park. The same man stabbed her to death in a court room in front of her husband and 3 year old child in Europe. Again I didn’t hear not even a whisper of this case in the mainstream media.

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