David Cameron Tells Britains Jews: Stop Tolerating Extremists

David Cameron should be using his muscular liberalism to condemn the coming together of extremist groups like the English Defence League, foreign Rabbi’s and the Tea Party who have made Islam their number one target.

Come on Dave, show us your muscles and take some action.

The headlines this weekend were all variations of:

“David Cameron tells Muslim Britain: stop tolerating extremists”

Substitute the word Muslim for Jew or Black, you’d never stand it for it, so why is it OK to tar two million Muslims in this country with the extremist tag?

When the Conservative party chair, Sayeeda Warsi, came out and stated that prejudice against Muslims has “passed the dinner-table test” and become socially acceptable in the UK, perhaps she was referring to the racists and Islamophobes within her party.


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One response to “David Cameron Tells Britains Jews: Stop Tolerating Extremists

  1. laila

    Exactly I agree with you 100% SHAME ON David Cameron!
    We shouldn’t let him get away with it, do you know the EDL are using his statement to further their agenda?
    We have to show these mps muslim bullying and demonising is not ok.

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