Egyptians Celebrate The Dawning Of A Pharaoh Free Era #Egypt #Jan25

It has been a remarkable two-and-a-half weeks for Egypt – with developments coming thick and fast. If the Egyptian military had taken control straight away we all would have smelled a rat and called it a military coup d’état, a military financed and backed by Americas two billion US dollars every year.

In essence replacing one dictator with another.

You can’t help me for this train of thought, after all we’ve had manufactured revolutions before, but this one does seem different, let’s hope for a peaceful transition period leading to a fair, free and transparent election.

“The West” have to stick to the rules of the democracy game and play fair. Let the Egyptian people decide who is to administer their affairs and respect their decision, nobody has the right to say that a government that is perhaps “more friendly” to the west must be installed, at the detriment of the country’s internal affairs, as has been the case for the last 31 years.

We’ll play your game, you respect the rules when the votes are counted.

I sincerely hope that the jackals are not released where the doves have failed.


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