Radio 4’s ‘Face the Facts’ On Islamophobic Media Coverage of Muslims

The Daily Express group of newspapers is amongst the most vociferous in publishing incorrect or exaggerated stories involving Muslims. Owned by the zionist pornographer, Richard Desmond, his papers have now withdrawn from the Press Complaints Commission’s system of dispute resolution.

A recent “Face the Facts” programme on BBC Radio 4 looked at Islamophobia and asked:

“Are sections of the British press increasing tensions within communities by publishing negative stories about Muslims?

…why are newspapers publishing distorted, islamophobic stories that provoke far-right extremists? Should the Press Complaints Commission impose tougher sanctions? Or do editors need to take more responsibility for the consequences of what they print?”

The presenter John Waite debunks several scare stories from recent years involving Muslims somehow taking over Britain, these include the absurdities of Winterval, the extractor fan and swimming pool stories.

Then there were the non existent Muslim plots against Coronation Street and the Pope, the slander of Inayat Bunglawala and the tale of changing school lessons because of Ramadan.

Are any of the newspapers that pump out this rubbish willing to defend their ‘stories’?

“Neither the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Star or Sun wished to appear on the programme today, and the editor of the Express was simply ‘too busy’.”

No surprise there.



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