The Curveball That Cost A Million Iraqi Lives

Recent revelations have shown that Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, the “intel asset” known upto now only as “Curveball”, as being the renowned source of the false intelligence on Iraq’s non existent WMD’s.

Now that the truth about the lies and propaganda has been revealed, you can expect the cheerleaders of the illegal invasion – Blair, Campbell, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and countless others – will attempt to amend the construct of their argument, don’t blame us guv’ we were the innocent party in all of this, if there’s someone to blame, it’s Al-Janabi.

Are we to believe that the most advanced intelligence agencies in the world can be duped so easily?

Even a simple layman like myself would want to test the evidence by simply seeking some sort of corroboration from other sources to have it validated.

It rings true doesn’t it?

So why didn’t this cross the minds of the geniuses at Whitehall, the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office and the Joint Intelligence Committee’s?

Carne Ross has over fifteen years diplomatic experience in the British Foreign Office and United Nations and served as the speechwriter to the British Foreign Secretary. He also spent four and a half years as First Secretary for the UK delegation on the UN Security Council, where he was the delegation’s Middle East “expert”.

He has gone on the record to state at the Chilcot inquiry:

“…the UK assessment of the Iraqi threat that were, in their totality, lies.”

Let’s be clear, there was no credible evidence of substantial stocks of WMD in Iraq.

Yet it was this cross referencing of evidence that was so clearly abandoned in advance of the invasion.

Instead it was reports that suited the story of an imminent Iraqi threat that were picked out, polished and formed the basis of public claims like Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN security council, or the No 10 dossier.

This was exactly how a false case for war was constructed: not by the deliberate creation of a falsehood, but by willfully and secretly manipulating the evidence to exaggerate the importance of reports like Curveball’s, and to ignore contradictory evidence.

This was a subtle process, elaborated from report to report, in such a way that allowed officials themselves to believe that they were not deliberately lying – more editing, perhaps, or simplifying for public presentation.

The stark reality is that the war in Iraq never ended after Oil War I in 1991, the decade long bombing sorties and collective punishment of crippling sanctions is testament to that.

The war mongers were bending over backwards to instil a new puppet in Iraq, for decades Saddam did the bidding that “Western Foreign Policy” dictated, fighting a decade long war against neighbouring Iran, gassing his own people, all with training and weaponry courtesy of his western sponsors. But once the dog bites the masters hand, the dog has to be put down.

In essence, that’s what the illegal invasion of Iraq was all about, it wasn’t about WMD’s or yellow cake, or helping the people escape the clutches of a tyrannical regime, it was all about regime change, and using brutal shock and awe to achieve it.

In baseball parlance, a curveball is one that is pitched to deceive the batsman into taking a swing, the ball, unbeknownst to the batsman is on a trajectory which will cause him to swing and miss his target. Never has such a simple metaphor been truer, or more deadly.

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