Why Are Lockheed Martin Running The 2011 Census?

The process of running the 2011 Census has been contracted out by the Office of National Statistics to a private company – military & defence giant Lockheed Martin.

The arms company Lockheed Martin, 80% of whose business is with the US Department of Defense and other Federal Government agencies will be responsible for handling the census.

Here’s the warmongers spin on it:

Not worried?

This should concern you because:

– The Census rules mean that every household will be legally obliged to provide a wide range of personal information that will be handled by the chosen contractor.

– Lockheed Martin produces missiles and land mines which are being used in Afghanistan and Iraq and which are illegal in many countries.

– They also focus on intelligence and surveillance work and boast of their ability to provide ‘integrated threat information’ that combines information from many different sources.

– New questions in the 2011 Census will include information about income and place of birth, as well as existing questions about languages spoken in the household and many other personal details.

– This information would be very useful to Lockheed Martin’s intelligence work, and fears that the data might not be safe could lead to many people not filling in their Census forms.

If the first video was a little too low brow, and you have 15 minutes on your hand, watch the following video.

January 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famous farewell speech to the nation in which he warned against the rise of a “military-industrial complex.”

William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation traces the rise of the military-industrial complex through the story of the nation’s largest weapons contractor, Lockheed Martin.

Hartung’s new book is Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex.

Military Industrial Complex runs things.


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7 responses to “Why Are Lockheed Martin Running The 2011 Census?

  1. ken

    This is almost certainly the start of total globalization of everyone on the planets personal details.

    The banks & marketing company`s etc will be rubbing their hands with anticipation!

    Not to mention security companies, national or private.
    Information is power.

  2. Rabbi Tav

    Thanks for posting friend. The enemy are not the people of Israel but Zionists, just as the enemy of Iraq is not Christianity nor the people of the US and UK. There is no Allah. Jesus is Lord and no one comes to God but by Him. We however, believe you should be free to believe as you wish so long as you do not seek to injure others. The Zionists desire to destroy Muslims, Jews and Christians alike for they serve Lucifer. (Albert Pike: Three World Wars). We have a common enemy. Let us understand that and respect our common right to individual belief and know who the real enemy is. My heart breaks for the innocent victims in Iraq, Palestine and Israel. They are all victims of those who serve Satan. May God bless you.

    • Michael

      @Rabbi Tav that is exactly the type of irrelevent, psychotic drivel that this world could do without. You are pigeon holing groups of people and using mythical characters to explain the worlds’ current state of affairs. If this world is ever going to change it could certainly do with less narrow minded individuals like yourself.

  3. Joseph

    To answer the title question;

    Why Are Lockheed Martin Running The 2011 Census?

    It’s because the Government must have been happy enough with the job they did for the previous census in 2001. Nobody seemed to mind back then and if your worried about them having your information, they already have it from 10 years ago. If you goggle term “lockheed martin census 2001” Plenty of information about it. From what i can gather all Lockheed Martin do is provide the system to capture peoples handwriting.

  4. moeman

    well, on that note, british end of yr high school exams are outsourced to pearson education group in australia.

    its a common enough practice to outsource to private firms, its not all nefarious. we needed to use software developed by the US agencies to read student handwriting.

    sometimes it is all about sharing resources…

  5. AUSTRALIA CENSUS 2011- to make Australia Better… but for whom ? So far I have not submitted my Census form and I Have no intentions to do so.. I am constantly harassed in my own home by constant visits and yellow messages on my door…I am aware of the penalty. Furthermore, 50 000 people in Australia have been chosen- at random- and must comply…to the A.H.S.-The biggest Australian Health Survey Ever… The 2011 Australian Health Survey is also linked to the Obama care Health System…I have done the research…Furthermore,
    The Carbon Tax is a- human life- tax…Another Ritual…to own the GOYIMS LIFE…CARBON 12 (what we are made of) has 6 neutrons 6 protons 6 electrons…The Zionists-(TALMUDIST)are obsessed with the occult. We can safely conclude that they are most probably preparing a huge global DATABASE – for some future RFID implants.. Lockheed Martin also specializes in BIOMETRICS and RFID- SATELLITE SPYING etc…So, why not ask the sheep to do the job…So, the people do the office work and they get the money from our hard earned tax money….SMART CHIP

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