AP Anjem Choudry Goes To America & Declares On Fox News It’s Time for “Muslims To Rise & Establish Khilafa”

Isn’t it interesting that America would let in the chief agent provocateur Anjem Choudry into their country without a problem but wouldn’t let in a guitar strumming sufi like Yusaf Islam or university lecturer Tariq Ramadan.

Not only that (but what a surprise that) Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News gives Choudry a platform so that he can claim he represents what all Muslims secretly wish for, thus building the anti-Islamic sentiment that sustains America’s right wing rhetoric. These two need each other like flies on stink.

Muslims in the UK have wizened upto his AP tactics and have confronted him and his goonsquad everywhere they have appeared, as documented in an earlier post “Luton Muslims Kicking Out Al-Muhajiroun”

Choudry and his agents have a long track record of causing problems and then running away leaving the locals to pick up the fight – The EDL’s rise in Luton is down to Choudry’s boys antics at a British army homecoming parade, but when it comes to fighting the thousands of far right racists like the EDL & BNP, they are nowhere to be seen.

Here’s some advice, do what you did to his mentor OBM, revoke his passport while he’s out of the country, and then see how he cries foul.

Anyone who believes that Anjem Choudry is sincere needs their head examining.

A rather timely distraction to the struggles taking place in the Muslim world?


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3 responses to “AP Anjem Choudry Goes To America & Declares On Fox News It’s Time for “Muslims To Rise & Establish Khilafa”

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  2. soulsearching

    Interesting how American citizens like Al-Awlaqi are under shoot to kill orders while people like Anjem Choudry can preach hatred publicly!

  3. mbw

    Fantastic article — thanks. I just posted it on ICH. Our friend Anjem is a friend of the state, no doubt about it. He’s a clown — single handedly, he has encouraged hundreds of thousands of ordinary, every day non Muslim people to hate ordinary everyday Muslims, their neighbours and fellow citizens. I don’t know how or why UK’s Muslims let divisive, evil fools like him and the other so called ‘moderate’ think tank pretend sufi state paid liars speak for you. Tweedle dee ‘radicals’ and tweedle dum ‘moderate’ Muslim spokesmen — paid up traitors and demagogues.


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