“We Are Wrong To Prop Dictators” Says David Cameron But Then Sells Arms to Egypt to Build Democracy With!

David “I’m A Zionist” Cameron admitted that the UK has been prejudiced for believing Muslims cannot manage democracy & Britain was wrong to prop up ‘highly controlling regimes’ as way of ensuring stability.

To back his words up with some meaningful action, Dave took the heads of eight arms producing companies to Egypt with him to ‘to build democracy’.

“For decades, some have argued that stability required controlling regimes and that reform and openness would put that stability at risk. So, the argument went, countries like Britain faced a choice between our interests and our values. And to be honest, we should acknowledge that sometimes we have made such calculations in the past.

But I say that is a false choice. As recent events have confirmed, denying people their basic rights does not preserve stability – rather, the reverse.”

That’s not an excuse, as some would argue, to claim that Arabs or Muslims can’t do democracy – the so-called Arab exception.

For me, that’s a prejudice that borders on racism. It’s offensive and wrong and it’s simply not true.

Camerons statement shows the zionist influence in this country’s foreign policy. For more than a century it has been to firstly prop up dictators and royal families against the wishes of the people, secondly to further israel’s cause at every given opportunity and thirdly to secure a cheap and plentiful energy supply – Oil.

Criticism of Britain’s trade relations with Arab dictators has focused on former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s ‘Deal in the Desert’ with Colonel Gaddafi in 2004.

The coalition government has continued to sell arms to Libya, which included crowd control ammunition, sniper rifles and tear gas.

Recently, the government hastily revoked eight weapons export licenses to Libya amid fears British weapons were used in the slaughter of hundreds of protesters who have poured into the streets to demand their basic rights to freedom of expression and democracy.

Cameron has condemned the violence in Libya as “completely appalling and unacceptable.”

“The regime is using the most vicious forms of repression,” said the Prime Minister.

Aren’t these words a little hollow?

Seeing the government is still promoting arms sales to Arab autocrats.

It’s an absolute disgrace that the Prime Minister has taken these arms dealers with him, when people across the Middle East are dying for democracy at the same time as the government seems intent on flogging their wares to those very regimes that are suppressing these values.

Cameron, however, defiantly defended the inclusion of defence companies on his trip, saying it was right that Britain should be able to sell arms to countries in the Middle East.

I spoke yesterday about Lockheed Martin running our 2011 census, it looks like the pervasive influence that The Military Industrial Complex has over this government is absolutely overwhelming.

Who’s really running this country?

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