Saudi King Handing Out $37 Billion To Bribe People NOT To Protest

The fuse has been lit – no amount of bribes will stop the flames from spreading.

Saudi’s bandit King Abdullah returned home on Wednesday after a three-month medical absence and unveiled benefits for Saudis worth some $37 billion in an apparent bid to insulate the world’s top oil exporter from an Arab protest wave.

Hundreds of people have backed a Facebook campaign calling for a “day of rage” across Saudi Arabia next month.

The page called for a “revolution of yearning” on March 11 in the kingdom, with the protest organisers calling for many things people in Western nations already take for granted:

* government officials to be elected by the people
* an independent judiciary
* the right to assemble
* freedom of expression
* release of political prisoners
* a minimum wage law
* more employment opportunities
* formation of an entity that would eliminate unfair taxes and corrupt practices by government
* rebuilding the armed forces
* reforming the conservative Sunni Muslim clerics
* abolition of restrictions on women

With all the drama seen on the streets in Libya and neighbouring Bahrain its been important to gauge how the Saudi’s have reacted. Whilst most are concerned about Oil supply, The Akh has to ask whether their is a real hunger for any change from within the magical kingdom?

According to some commentators, everything is peachy in the kingdom, and there’s no need for protests of any sort.

Whilst Saudi based blogger “Saudi Jeans” seems to be hedging his bets.

Saudi’s pump 4 or 5 million barrels of oil a day, if that is no longer available for purchase, and the Saudis are no longer there to save the day, in a single word, there would be pandemonium.

It wouldn’t take much for the Americans to capture Saudi oil fields to ensure the taps aren’t switched off. Americas’ Carter Doctrine of 1980 made this clear and that is what the foreign policy in the region has been aimed at securing.

Inflation has led to political revolutions since Medieval times and we may be witnessing the fifth such great revolution in history unfolding in the Middle East and in our own country right now… During the past four price revolutions, food and fuel led the upward movement in prices, followed by manufactured goods and services.

The relevance of the history of previous inflation waves to the present situation is downright eerie.


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