Channel 4’s The Promise – Can It Change Opinions Like The Roots Did?

For the last four weeks, Channel 4 have been showing a weekly factual drama directed by Peter Kosminsky titled “The Promise” , which looks at the Nakba – the great catastrophe of losing their land for the Palestinian people.

This is the first and only time I can recollect that such a programme has been put together, which showed all of the zionist terrorist activities undertaken to murder the indigenous population and drive the British army out of Palestine.

The programme was at times both challenging and unwatchable, the scenes of the stern gang and the irgun pulling Palestinians out of their homes and machine gunning them down and blowing them up with impunity as they ethically cleansed the land, is a well documented fact, but one that has never been recreated on screen.

The Promise is available to view until the end of March, you can do so on Channel 4’s Youtube page.

Almost a generation ago, a mini series titled “Roots” was aired in America. It told the story of generations of Muslim African’s who were captured and bought to America as slaves.

That programme too dealt with a past that most white americans simply didn’t want to acknowledge, yeah sure it happened, but let’s leave the past in the past, simply because race is still a divisive issue.

It was due to this mini series based on Alex Haley’s book that got people talking about white america’s brutal legacy in the slave trade, so it got me thinking, would “The Promise” have a similar impact?

After all we have been taught to view history as what happened last week.

Those pesky Palestinians threw a firework over the border, so the Israeli’s can go in and drop a 1,000lb daisy cutter and flatten the entire neighbourhood.

The context of people’s grievances are never shown.

That is precisely what The Promise did, it showed the actions of the zionist movement in the mid 1940’s through a soldier serving in Palestine and twinned it with a modern day story of his grand daughter in today’s occupied territories.

It’s precisely the actions committed more than 60 years ago that continue to have their ramifications felt across Palestine and the occupied territories today.

That’s why The Akh feels that both Peter Kosminsky and the commissioners at Channel 4 should be applauded in getting this programme created and aired.

I have read the comments that have been posted on the official site with interest.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore how fast and how strongly the zionist hasbara comes out to fight for their corner.

They’re going to town on this series to try and point out it’s so called one sidedness and misinformation, so if you have watched the series, go and drop a comment thanking Channel 4 and fight back against the zionist campaign of misinformation.


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7 responses to “Channel 4’s The Promise – Can It Change Opinions Like The Roots Did?

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  2. walt kovacs

    none of the africans sold into slavery were muslim

    muslims were the ones who ran the slave trade from africa

    you learned nothing

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      So let’s get this right…

      it was white europeans who coined the term “Negroes”, that’s Spanish for black object meaning that black people not really people but property, and thus the triangle trade begun, with america classifying black people as being 3/5ths of a man for tax purposes.

      The British were no better, the Queen sent the first slaves on a ship named Jesus.

      Everything had to be done to remove the slaves from their identity, they were not allowed to have their original names, stay within familial units or tribes, or worship the one true god.

      Instead the so called Christians of America under the false pretence of manifest destiny would try to convert these “heathens” into believing that they would gain salvation from worshipping a “white jesus” which was a creation of Constantine’s Nicean Creed.

      “[Slavery] was established by decree of Almighty God…it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation…it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts.”

      Jefferson Davis, President, Confederate States of America

      (Jefferson Davis, “Inaugural Address as Provisional President of the Confederacy,” Montgomery, AL, 1861-FEB-18, Confederate States of America, Congressional Journal, 1:64-66.)

      That’s today’s lesson over “Rorschach”

      Lets stick to the topic of discussion, which is The Promise, any other off topic comments to subvert the agenda will not be approved.

      The Akh

  3. emma.

    I would like to kiss this man’s hand…Finally something that could change 60 years of incredible ugliness. Something thats been allowed to show the plight of the Palestinians. Please PeterKosminsky, run with this…Show The Promise in every country from East to West…You are the voice for the Palestinians…Shukran!

  4. walt kovacs

    im sorry…but when you put facts into evidence that are not factual…i commented on it

    will the promise change minds and opinions? to those who are ignorant of the facts of the middle east, the british mandate and modern israel….maybe

    but it is more likely that those who are already anti israel, will just use the show to feel better about themselves and their opinion…those that are neutral will forget quite soon that the show was even on…and those that are pro israel will decry the show as another piece of anti israel propaganda, which britain has become famous for these past few years.

  5. Jim D

    We love muslims and want to stroke them.
    Arabs never hurt anyone and if they did it was IMPERIALISTS who forced them.

    Currypile, just admit you’re an anti-semite. I realise you’re probably left-wing and like to think of yourself as a NICE PERSON but it doesn’t wash

  6. Laura

    I have watched the series in its entirety and am so grateful to Peter Kosminsky for putting this largely untold story out there into the public arena. In reply to Walt Kovacs’ post above, I do not agree with your suggestion that it won’t have any long-term impact on viewers who previously considered themselves neutral. This is the FIRST show I’ve seen which powerfully depicts the injustices which have been inflicted – and continue to be inflicted – upon the Palestinian people. Its puts that all-important context to the stories we hear in the Western media about Palestinian acts of violence, suicide bombings etc. I think any neutral viewer who watches the entire series will walk away with a newfound understanding of why the Palestinian people feel so aggrieved and why some of them resort to violence when their cries are ignored. Maybe viewers will forget the series over time, but I don’t think they will ever look at the Israel-Palestine conflict in quite the same way again.

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