#Libya – Isn’t This When Western Intervention Is Welcomed?

Western governments always make a big deal about their military “human” interventions, citing Bosnia and Kosovo as prime examples of their policy succeeding.

So why are they dragging their heels to get involved in Libya?

The mad thundercat Gaddafi continues to cling to power, while dropping bombs on his own people, weapons supplied courtesy of our governments, and while the usual robust criticism’s have been launched, meaningful action has been short on the ground.

All the time people are being bombed with fighter jets.

Granted no one wants to see yankee soldiers on Libyan soil, as once they appear on foreign soil, they never return home. Perhaps it’s time to see the ineffectual United Nations to pass a resolution? What about the Arab league you ask?

What a bloody joke they are.

So let’s look at the construct here.

To have a no fly zone, military construct dictates that all Libyan air defences would have to be destroyed, before a no fly zone can be enforced.

Who has the capacity to do so?


Britain certainly doesn’t have the aircraft carrying capacity to do so, because our genius military planners prefer to spend billions on an ineffectual deterrent in nuclear weapons like the trident submarines.

So where does this leave us?

Britain’s greatest foreign policy challenges can be broken down into three components:

1. Recalibrating the special relationship with America.

2. Facing down the economic threat from Russia.

3. Making the Middle East & The Magrib stable.

On the third point, in life every problem presents an opportunity, if you are decisive enough to take action. Britain can and should act decisively to intervene now, not like in Bosnia & Kosovo, dragging their heels until hundreds of thousands of civilians had been slaughtered.

Act now and spare the inevitable slow slaughter of thousands, and you’ll have a nation that will be thankful for your assistance.

Leave them to their death’s and the new administration and the people might not be as forgiving at western intransigence.

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