Obama – Didn’t You Promise To Shut Down Guantanamo?

The President for change who was going to close the concentration camp in Guantanamo has done a complete U-turn by not only failing to close the death camp within 12 months but has now reinstated “Military Trials”.

The logic of course is that these men held for almost ten years, with no charge are too dangerous to free or impossible to convict due to evidence obtained through torture. The Americans refuse to try them in civilian courts where the burden of proof required is far lower than in a military kangaroo court.

You would have thought that prosecuting Osama Bin Laden’s personal bodyguard for close to a decade would have been an open and shut case. Despite all the hype, American military courts could not prosecute Abu Jandal and today he is a free man.

In a similar case, Salim Hamdan spent seven years in Guantanamo, he was freed after no charges were forthcoming. Instead of being the dangerous terrorist the Bush administration made him to be, he was found to be a low-level aide and freed.

But for every man who wins his freedom, another man will die of “natural causes”, Awal Gul, 48, was accused of being a Taliban commander and part of the al-Qaeda network. He had been held without charges since October 2002.

Then there’s the case of Saber Lahmer, one of six men kidnapped by US agents in Sarajevo and taken to Guantanamo. After being held without charge for over eight years they were acquitted of all terrorism related charges.

Guantanamo’s role has been far removed from making the world a safer place by keeping dangerous terrorists locked up, instead it acts as a focal point of an unjust foreign policy, that acts as a rallying call for those who despise the hypocrisy in America’s actions.

The White House may well say that it has made the system fairer, but it’s simply a return to square one.

America knows better.

Like Johnny Cochran said during the OJ Simpson murder trial, “If the glove does not fit…you must acquit”

The Akh urges Obama to stop being a hypocrite, try these men in a civilian court, you cannot hold anyone without charge indefinitely.



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3 responses to “Obama – Didn’t You Promise To Shut Down Guantanamo?

  1. Laina

    What the #$!! idiot wrote this mess?? I hope they have kept up with events as of late…namely Happy Osama Bin Shot-ten Day!
    OBama got a fast/hard education on what’s what and who needs to keep Gitmo OPEN for business.
    Let’s hear retort, if you dare…you can come back out from under your boulder now.

  2. Laina

    …and just to add, Cochran is thankfully no longer with us here. His former client is in PRISON after all! The Butcher of Brentwood!

  3. Laina

    While I’m at it, Barbara Boxer (wow, that was a photo of her from LONG ago!) is lame brained Lib. Yes, it IS horrible that so many innocents have died due to the fact of the good letting the bad take over their countries. If WE let radical factions initiate plane crashes into The Tower of London, The Eiffel Tower (only full of harmless living people!!), etc…what would WE expect here in the USA?? Retaliation. We aren’t all stupid!
    Our efforts to contain the cancer that is radical Islam’s idea to blast us back to their Stone Age is not going to happen if we can help it. For the good of the USA and the good of the rest of the world, whether you like or not!
    Barbara Boxer is living in her hippie LaLa hitting acid days….or the long since aftermath of. Wake up!!

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