The One Shows Matt Baker asks David Cameron “How on earth do you sleep at night?”

The One Show is hardly known for its rigorous questioning. David Cameron’s appearance last night was – for the most part – no different, until Matt Baker slipped in this question:

“Just one more question – how on earth do you sleep at night?”

Cameron, remaining calm, talked about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Samira Shackle over at the New Statesman points out that he answered questions on happiness (rating his own at six), the royal wedding (Sam Cam will be buying the gift as she “wears the trousers”) and whether an owl or a cat would be better at catching the Downing Street rat.

The obviously unscripted intervention (listen to the gasp of co-presenter Alex Jones) could go either way, but judging from the reaction on Twitter, it was well-received by the public.

One must wonder whether Baker’s bosses at the beeb feel the same way.

Cameron’s new director of communications, former BBC man Craig Oliver will be in for a bit of ear bashing, what was supposed to be a nice, puffy piece of spin, spiralled out of Tory HQ control.

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