Muslim Shanna Bukhari To Represent Britain In Miss Universe

Manchester’s Muslima Shanna Bukhari is all set to represent Britain in the Miss Universe meat competition.

Shanna reckons:

“there is much more to the contest than pretty girls wandering around in swimsuits for the titillation of men”


The Akh was about to go off on one, but realised he had already covered this before when Rima Fakih, a Muslima was crowned Miss USA last year.

Shanna, you’re an educated university graduate, try using your brains and not your booty to get ahead in life.


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46 responses to “Muslim Shanna Bukhari To Represent Britain In Miss Universe

  1. samar bukhari BAHAWAL PUR

    dear aoa we are praying for ur success. we are syed from BAHAWALPUR .you worked hard

  2. Thankfully, in the United Kingdom, and indeed ‘The West’ in general, a woman is entitled to do whatsoever she pleases. Sister, wife, daughter or mother… they are individual autonomous entities whose behaviour you have no say over.

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      It must be very liberating for women to get their kit off under the guise of a “miss universe event”, the sole purpose of which is to sexually gratify men.

      It’s like those who argue that pr0n is sexually liberating for women.

      I have no issue with her particularly entering a meat market competition.

      What I have a problem with is that she states “This is my passion and I want others to follow my example”

      I’m sorry for being the morality police here, but for someone who has a university degree, getting your kit off isn’t the most empowering of choices, nor is it one that should be promoted to impressionable girls, they way in which the Daily Fail will try and trumpet this story into a “us V them” narrative.

      Chances are the promoters were well aware of the controversy factor and the free publicity it would create for their sordid little event by having a Muslima involved.

      The Akh

      • Mohsinahmed

        Comparing Ms. Universe competition as a meat market is a very demeaning description of the event and reflects very poorly on the person commenting it. Its not about empowerment of women, its not about Muslima versus non-muslima, its about living ones dream. Its about self expression without letting bigots and hypocrites influencing it. Being a university graduate makes the weight of decision even more thoughtful, and full congratulations to Khwateen.
        If any other girl chooses to follow her example, then the only thing she will learn is to do what one oneself feels right, and be a torch bearer for a path which will shine light for everyone.

      • Zarina

        To Mohsina,

        Miss Universe is nothing more than parading yourself before others, if it were about self expression then these sad girls would be given a longer opportunity to open their mouths and air their views. Beauty parades are a kin to a cattle market. The best cow wins. It does not reflect poorly on the person. That is merely your opinion and you would be far from the truth. If Miss Universe is about living ones dreams then surely such girls who aspire at being a contestants need to raise their dreams, hopes and aspirations. If my daughter had such bad judgement and made such poor choices, then I would wonder had I failed as a parent. I would definitely question what have actually taught my daughter. To rely on ones body is not a good choice and in the long run doesn’t usually work. It may be about self expression but surely one can do that in many other ways, a very good example would be to use her brain and intelligence and gain some sort of accompishment. One can forge a good career and do good charitable deeds. Not everyone is fame hungry.


        Exactly how does it make it even more thoughtful? Attending university and gaining a degree does not equate to what you are suggesting. Congratulations for not using her brain? Excellent.


        If any other girls decides to follow suit in her footsteps then she is blindly following her like a brainless sheep. Many aspire to being Victoria Beckhams, ie Footballers Wives of this world or worse Jordans. I can see the path lighting up as I imagine all those young impression gulliable naive girls with silly pretentious dreams of following in the wonderful footsteps of Jordans or Kim Kardashians or the lovely Miss Bukhari. Wonderful, how delighful! (Sarcarm for the dim out there) What a dream one must have and what a way to live it! I can just imagine all the orginal suffragettes jumping up and down (turning in their graves) with sheer joy and glory. What a way women are empowered. What empowerment eh!

      • Cin Zano

        Thank goodness you don’t represent the majority. It’s about time you appreciated the fact that every person on this blessed earth is their own person and can do whatever they like as long as they don’t break the law of the land. Good luck to Shanna is what I say

  3. Who told her she’s pretty she is a fat nose face girl by the way when u doing your bikini round I come to see your BOOBS with your brother irfan   he may like them Muslim girl the don’t look big to me .shannan bukhari you don’t know what pretty word is ? Feel sorry 4you

    • RKG

      Get a life you moron

    • shahbaz

      shahbaz you mother fucker who sucks on his mums vagina, and sucks his dads dick, your all family is pimped by you on hera mandi and amsterdam red light district, saddo, get a life you saistic pervert, gandu dala arami matherchoud ka randi aulaad.

    • gully

      this is a scratty family living on an estate,they kicked their dad out long time ago,shannas mum got her youngest girl wedded off by 15yr and she loves the white way of living,they are not muslims,irfan is self confessed gay,believe me i have had past experience of this family,anything to get money,shanna will be doing porn soon with her familys blessing.

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  5. She is been fucking about with a 42year married man she like smoking clubbing’ dancing’ drinking she is fucked up girl shanna bukhari you need a help. loose some wait’ you fat shit bag .she think she is a stunner’ ha ha…If i give your story to the news paper you and your family won’t be showing your face to any one ever again! I got all the proof with me so leave my husband and find some single ! you whore rundi

    • Jo

      shanna is a stunner and i think half of the world does out there, u need a life u sad o!!!

    • Zarina

      Why is her personal life any concern if yours? Why are you spreading gossip about her to everyone. Would you like someone else to air your linen in public and what does your religion saying about that? If it is false then you’re defaming her and spreading lies. Before saying vile things about Miss Bukhari you need to take a good hard long look at yourself.

    • illerate

      you see, newspapers usually write in English. I don’t think they’d understand you.

    • shahbaz

      i have slept with have you told your husband bash that bet you havent have you, how about i put those pics on the net , yes very shit body you have and very bad in bed arent you, you sado.( jannat) how about i put your real name on here

  6. khalid khan

    too many people are jealous, look at what everyones going on about, very sad, i think most of these people have got chillies up their ass that theres a ‘paki’ girl whos been successful and have nothing better to do that lazy about and chat shit…

    • ameer ahmad(meeroo)

      And MR. Khalid Khan there is no one who becomes jealous from this shit Bitch wich called her self shaana bukhari and a muslim
      But i want say some thing to you that you are also from them who want to promote these things in the society and called them selves respected people
      Shame on you khalid khan
      You are not able to call your self khan
      So change your name also

  7. Jo

    hi jaanat i know ur husband too, is it the 1 that takes coke and fucks a dog

  8. Jo

    your sister was on ‘what went wrong last night’ when she was fucking my brother

  9. SQ

    It is quite clear to me that this girl has offended and hurt a lot of people out there, people are never jealous of genuinely nice people. She has obviously done some controversial things in her past… I would know… She was the other woman in my fiancé’s life. I understand that he was the one to blame, however she knew that he was in a relationship but still managed to flirt and lure herself at him and our potential marriage broke down before it began. It is apparent that you smoke, go clubbing, reveal your body and are having sexual intercourse with a number of men before marriage… This story would not annoy me as things are now all in the past and I am married to a loyal man. However I do not know why you are trying to play up the fact that you’re a Muslim girl representing Muslim women in the UK. You’re not a Muslim, do you pray whilst your clubbing? Ridiculous. I have read stories that you were racially attached, it was probably because you were sleeping with someone else’s partner. The conclusion is that what goes round comes around AND we would have all been a lot more comfortable if you had entered the competition as your self in stead a girl representing Pakistani Muslim girls, as I for one, would not wish to be associated with the likes of you.

  10. ameer ahmad(meeroo)

    I am new on this site and also new for giving comment on any ones life
    after reading all the comments and reply
    i think that shana bukhari have a shameless character and she is also a shameless girl
    how can she say herself a muslim girl and also her parents that they are muslims and she is daughter of bukhari family
    in the whole world each male and female represent his or her family and traditions of his family and country and his/her religion
    How Can she represents the muslims
    IS SHE MUSLIM?????????????????????????????????????????????
    Can Any one give me the answer for my question

    And One thing more How can any one say that is is pretty?
    She Is a big fat cow nothing more

    And MR. Khalid Khan there is no one who becomes jealous from this shit Bitch wich called her self shaana bukhari and a muslim
    But i want say some thing to you that you are also from them who want to promote these things in the society and called them selves respected people
    Shame on you khalid khan
    You are not able to call your self khan
    So change your name also

  11. Bob

    It is interesting to read Muslim comments about a woman wanting to be free to do what she wants, yet in most of your countries, you beat if not kill women that do not subject themselves to your dogma of brutal dictatorship of women!

  12. Ahmed

    just word of advice if you claim to be a Muslim you need to live according to what Islam teaches us, you can do as you please in this life what can any do. Fear the punishment that Allah swt has created for the zaleem and the hypocrites. Every soul shell be questioned for what they did.

    Think what your about to do will it please Allah swt or displease Allah.

    Read the Quran cover to cover before you get exploited if the msg in the Quran strikes your heart fear Allah as is swift in taking Acc and severe in punishment.

    Have a read through the following verse:Al-Munafiqoon [63:3]

    That is because they believed, then they rejected Faith: so a seal was set on their hearts: therefore they understand not.

    Have a read through the following verse:An-Naba [78:40]

    Verily, We have warned you of a Penalty near― the Day when man will see (the Deeds) which his hands have sent forth, and the Unbeliever will say “Woe unto me! Would that I were (mere) dust!”

    Have a read through the following verse:Al-Hujraat [49:17])

    They impress on thee as favour that they have embraced Islam. Say “Count not your Islam as a favour upon me: nay, Allah has conferred a favour upon you that He has guided you to the Faith, if ye be true and sincere.

    The intention is crucial Beware death can strike at any anytime. This is the beauty of Allah swt creation the unknown.

    There only two way the right way or the wrong way.

    If you want more advice just ask!

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  14. sajid gondal

    begarat kutti haram zadi kisi kangar ki kangari tu pakistan jasi zameen par rehane k kabil nahin hai apni moot se dar

    • shahbaz

      teri ma to musae chudi hain arami gandu sale kutta ka bacha, randi ki aulad hay to, teri ma sisiters pay khuttae charay sajid gondal

  15. sam

    You know…I am muslim too and I know from the way some of you muslims are talking you don’t sound like muslims…thats not how a muslim should talk. It makes you no better than her. WE ARE NOT THE ONES WHO JUDGE, ALLAH (swt) is the only judge of our doings here on earth…so please all of you who call yourself muslims, worry about your deeds, and stop also representing Islam in a vulgar manner hiding behind your computer screens, god still see’s you and will judge your words the same way he will judge her actions

  16. Zain from North london

    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately, Pakistani muslims are not considered to be the best example in muslim world. Most people who sell drugs, Cheat people just for money are most commonly found in their community. This is nothing new that she will do anything to become famous. However this girl Shanna Bukhari is also in the news for sleeping around with marrried person. Religiously its forbidin to drink but i hardly knew any middle age to teenage pakistani girl or guys who did not drink. However the easiest girl to sleep around mostly are pakistani girls too. I knew a pakistani girl like Shanna Bukhari who was sleeping with her professor at the same time sleeping with my italian friend. Well pakistani girls might look beautiful and play hard to get but that is not the case. You will know the truth once you only get close to one. However what i would like to say is this community is not trustable. My friends own mother she is pakistani and since her daughter was sleeping with a guy who is not pakistani she did black magic on her and the boy too . These people are sick as anything. Money money and more money thats what they are after. Pakistani guys mostly look for a chance sleep around and then say we are muslims. And girls try to hide they are pakistani to get away from the family and meet non pakistani boyfriends. However the point is dont waste time on girls like Shanna Bukhari as she isnt worth it. What you see from outside is not there everything is fake. These people are cheap. There are lot of Shanna Bukhari bukhari in UK every day loosing their families respect over and over again. Shanna Bukhari was having multiple affairs like any other pakistani girl before she gets married and then lies to get husband. This country is quiet confusing. Always claims to show off and proud but i never really understood what are they proud off. No unity, No religion, No self respect, No Honesty, Nothing that some one could say these people are true good people. They are so flexible to pray sometimes to show they are muslims during nights sneak out for clubbing.

    • zainfucker

      Zain people can sleep with who they want too now shut the fuck up.. you talk as if you dont live in a christian country lol

  17. Awais

    Very bad to abuse such a courageous lady. Let her fulfill her aspirations as all of her critics are enjoying full liberty in their actions. She must not be victimized on the basis of her religion, if you don’t like her, don’t read or watch her, but you hypocrites will be first to watch the competition.

    • Mister X

      Whats so “courageous” about being a whore? She’s not being victimized but is playing victim, thanks in no part to the white western media which LOVES irreligious cultural “muslims.”
      You retarded white washed maggot, lets see the women of your home do this and see who’s the hypocrite then.

  18. Mister X


    Muslims don’t practice “brutal dictatorship over women,” we honor women unlike filthy western beasts like you who view women as meat to be exploited. You western supremacists are the ones who believe in dictatorship and we’re not having any your shit. As for the “muslims” who support this bimbo, lets see how many of them would like to see their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives paraded around in front of oogling men.

    No respect to publicity seeking whores.

  19. Md. Rashid Khan, Bhopal,India

    We should feel proud that our Pakistani Girl is making proud to a nation, which remains in news for all bad reasons. May Allah bless her, and she becomes Miss Universe. This act is not forbidden in Islam, in fact, when Koran was written, such contests were not being organised, so it can’t be interpreted that this is a forbidden act in terms of Islam.

    • Mister X

      @Rashid Khan,

      You sir are an idiot, a colonized FOB mind devoid of common sense and dignity. Your knowledge of religion is pathetic assuming you truly are a Muslim. Indecency is forbidden in Islam, and “beauty pageants” most certainly go against the ethics and values in our faith. The Qur’an and Sunnah is for all times.
      Using your stupid methodology drugs can also be given the green light given that there were was LSD, PCP etc back then. Stop worshiping degenerate white western culture and grow a spine, munafiq.

    • u r such a fat shit why would you say that about this girl she is soo stupid may allah never forgive her and let her burn in hell alongside her parents and family who encouraged her to do this . i can’t beleieve that you are muslims and still u think about your daughter becoming a model u r such shameless parents who wud go against islam just to becum a model and u rn’t even pretty u r such a mother fucker who wud put down islam and think about looking fit. watch when you die you will burn in hell and you will regret it soo much that you wish you never did anything like this. and your parents are so shameless letting their daughter do this when my dad saw you he was even swearing at you and saying, let her burn in hell, u shud be ashamed of yourself! we only came to earth to see the amount of good and bad people on this eaerth. so far you are on shataans side not allah’s astagfirullah. next you will become a porn star and then a pole dancer then yuou will drink alcohol. muslim read their namaaz 5 times a day and read the holy qur’aan unlike you beysharam

  20. muhib

    I think she shouldn’t represent the Muslim society.
    She can represent her self or her country, but not the muslim society.

  21. Niaz Wali Intezar

    What does she need for such kind of bad action? Specially Islam doesn`t allow these kinds of activities. If she is really a muslim then she must ignore it. Hopefully to not take part in this illegal action.

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  23. cmand


  24. Ignosia

    she is not pretty period, millions of real beauties in uk and this one is picked? british men have no taste!

  25. paul

    its her life , not one person on here is paying this womens bills , the only person that has the right to comment is her parents. if you don’t like what she is doing that keep your mouth shut and don’t look at the miss universe contest

    • Ignosia

      you are an idiot! it is a forum here anyone can comment. go back to your muslim country where no one has rights!

  26. Zain di Behan ka yaar

    Zain Is the only person who is Mother fucker .. Born to be harmi(Zain)

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