“Burn Our Poppies, We’ll Burn Your Mosques” English Defence League Statement As Muslim Community Centre In Ipswich Burned Down

Anyone considering joining the EDL, needs to watch this video.

Here are a few of the EDL members on facebook, talking about burning down a Masajid….it’s just the ranting of a few idiots on the internet I hear you say.

A Muslim-run community centre was burned to the ground in Ipswich, in what police described as a deliberate act of arson.

And here’s the typical EDL response:

The Akh is livid that racist scum like the Zionist sponsored EDL are allowed to spread fear within our communities. Their hate filled rhetoric needs to be dealt with the authorities immediately, because if it isn’t, I fear that the hot headed Muslim youth will not sit back idly and allow their community to come under continuous attack, thus perversely fulfilling the EDL prophecy.

The Akh would like to thank the following for providing the source material on tracking the EDL.

Exposing The English Defence League Blog


Jugdish Paneer


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3 responses to ““Burn Our Poppies, We’ll Burn Your Mosques” English Defence League Statement As Muslim Community Centre In Ipswich Burned Down

  1. javed

    thats why its important we counter these bafoons eveywere they go and inshallah MDL will be there, but sadly alot of brothers are still asleep and think it dont concern them they need to fix up and wake up…..

    • hotterthanapileofcurry


      Who & what are the MDL?

      Counter demo’s are the last stop and are one step away from full blown violent confrontation.

      I’d like to remind readers of this blog of what happened after the race riots in bradford & burnley in 2001.

      There was a marked difference between the sentences given to the Asians from Bradford and those handed down to white men jailed for their part in the Burnley riot. The average sentence given to the 26 white men in March was two years and two months-less than half what Asians from Bradford were sentenced to.

      The BNP who turned up in mass in bradford were discounted as being a reason for the troubles.

      When handing down the sentences, Judge Stephen Gullick stated:

      “I’m not concerned with its origins, It must be made crystal clear to everyone that on such tumultuous and riotous occasions, each individual who takes an active part…is guilty of an extremely grave offence simply by being in a public place and being engaged in a crime against the peace. It would be wholly unreal, therefore, for me to have regard to the specific acts which you committed.”

      Sentences of between three and six years – some for “throwing stones” – are far too severe.

      Being a brown skinned Muslim with a foreign name is at times bad enough when looking for a job, try adding a prison conviction on your CV and see where that gets you.

      What is required is an intelligent, thought out approach, not a physical one.

      The Akh

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