Saudi Arabia Invades Bahrain, Expect Sunni V Shia Angle To Be Played Out In The Media

The House of Frauds in Arabia have decided to help out their fellow despot leaders in Bahrain by sending their (made in America) army, as a “response to the security threat”, which is no different to what Gaddafi is doing, hiring foreign mercenaries to crush the opposition.

The house of frauds intervention comes two days after US Defence Secretary Robert Gates visited Manama and held talks with King Hamada bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Bahrain’s opposition said it considered any foreign military intervention to be an occupation:

“We consider the arrival of any soldier, or military vehicle, into Bahraini territory…. an overt occupation of the kingdom of Bahrain and a conspiracy against the unarmed people of Bahrain”

It called on the international community to act to ensure the:

“protection of the people of Bahrain from the danger of foreign military intervention

While the spineless gulf bloc that is allied with the fraudis will continue to keep their heads buried in the sand, bribing people with $37 Billion (of their own money) not to protest and then took the carrot and stick approach further by threatening to cut off the hands of the people who decided to take to the streets to protest on the day of rage.

The Fraudi’s put their finest security forces out on the streets to deter people from protesting. A bunch of fat guys whose only specialist skill seems to be using a toothpick to get bits of shwarma out of their teeth.

There is no Islamic justification for any of these actions by the rulers, other than to save their own bacon, more proof that that the Saudi scholars will give the king a fatwa for anything, even if he asked for a pig’s heart to prolong his life.

It’s clear to The Akh that Saudi’s Islamic scholars have too close a relationship with unrighteous rulers, and at the risk of upsetting their kings and getting their head’s chopped off they support whatever is asked of them.

The American allied bloc in the Middle-East will now begin to spin the story that the opposition in Bahrain (having a sizeable Shia population) is being orchestrated by Iran. This Sunni V Shia angle will get louder in the coming days, with most stupid, ignorant Muslims flying the schism flag without realising that Israel has been asking the Americans to bomb Iran for years now.

The house of frauds have no problem in seeing their fellow Muslims butchered, which is why they would allow Israeli jets to fly over Arabian airspace to bomb Iran.

Quite sickening isn’t it?

The bandit mentality of the sauds is quite clearly still in effect, aided and abetted by it’s american/israeli sponsors.


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