Dr. David Kelly No DNA or Fingerprints Found on Personal Possessions – Murdered Because He Knew Too Much?

Dr David Kelly knew too much and died rather mysteriously. In January it was revealed that the police had admitted that the following objects found with his body did not have any fingerprints on them:

His mobile phone

A watch

The knife he allegedly used to slash his wrist

The packs of pills he is said to have overdosed on

A water bottle

Of course when you are committing suicide, you always take your handkerchief out wipe your own fingerprints off all the items you use.

Only if you are the one who has done the killing and don’t wish to leave any traces of evidence behind, you don’t have to be columbo to figure that one out.

While we still await the Attorney General studying claims that Mi6 assassinated Dr. David Kelly

Yesterday, Thames Valley Police raised further questions about the circumstances of Dr David Kelly’s death after confirming that three fingerprint & DNA tests on Dr Kelly’s personal belongings all came back negative.

The only logical reasoning that forensics experts have made to the lack of DNA evidence, are that Dr. Kelly’s personal property may have been cleaned by a third party.

The lack of prints is difficult to explain because Dr Kelly was not wearing gloves when his body was recovered.

Professor Allan Jamieson, of the Glasgow-based Forensic Institute, an international network providing forensic services, said:

“It is now a routine practice to analyse the microscopic cells that are shed from people on to items that may be worn, such as glasses. There is therefore a reasonable expectation of finding the wearer’s DNA on an item.”

Unusually for a suspicious death, no coroner’s inquest has ever been held.

Instead senior judge Lord Hutton chaired a public inquiry.

Cover up?

Covering up what and who?

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