On 18 March 2003 Parliament Voted to Invade #Iraq, 18 March 2011 UN Declare War On #Libya

The Parliamentary approval for the invasion of Iraq was given on 18 March 2003. Eight years later a UN security council resolution passes a “no fly zone” resolution over Libya.

A lot of commentators have laid out what the implications are, no, what they think they are.

Is David Cameron morphing into Tony Blair over Libya?

He denies the comparison, pointing to cabinet discussion of the legality, and the UN Resolution. But he was also blunt about his new rationale for military action.

Whilst my ex MP and now Tory think tank expert Paul Goodman has developed a new doctrine, Today, Britain has a new foreign policy – and it isn’t neo-conservatism. It’s the politics of “it depends”, the product of circumstances, not doctrine.

What this resolution has done is to set a very dangerous precedent, one that may come back to bite the Muslim world, after all the two individuals who did the most to get this resolution passed were Nicolas “I hate Muslims, Let’s ban the hijab” Sarkozy and David “I’m A Zionist” Cameron.

Which made the following images hard to swallow:

We’d be kidding ourselves if we were to think that this is a purely humanitarian gesture.

While I do not want to see any more Muslim blood being spilled, only time will tell how sincere this resolution will be, for all the talk of a no fly zone, actually what it is, is a military authorisation and that paragraph in the resolution that states “to take all necessary measures to protect civilians” basically translates into a declaration of war.

There has also been a tremendous extension of all sanctions against Libya, (and as the decade long sanctions against Iraq in the 90’s proved, its the people that suffer the most, not the ruling regime) the Gaddafi’s, his family, those loyal to him and the state apparatus of Libya. Everything from the state bank, to the Oil companies to overseas investment arms and all foreign ambassadors are in the UN cross-hairs.

But what is really astonishing is that it has only taken TWO days to negotiate this resolution.

Chances are more Muslims in Libya will die, the “no boots on the ground” policy means that a foreign occupation is not likely to happen in the first phase, but down the line, who really knows what’s going to happen?

Ordinarily The Akh wouldn’t react in such a way, the truth is with “The West’s” track record with the Muslim world is hardly stellar, you can’t blame me on judging from history.

May Allah save us from the tyrants of this world.


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