Are Footballers Really That Dumb?

Rightly or wrongly, footballers have become icons and role models for a whole generation of children, and sadly adults alike.

Let’s compare & contrast, the idiot above is one Mario Balotelli, when he’s not struggling to put his bib on, he’s getting sent off, crashing one of his cars, sneaking into women’s prisons and calling rival fans out to a fight , great role model for us all to aspire to.

But for every ten Balotelli’s, you get one Omar “Fredi” Kanoute.

The man who gave over €300,000 (£260,000) to prevent a local mosque from closing and played with masking tape over the 888 on his Sevilla shirt because he did not want to advertise a bookmaker, as well as the gesture of solidarity with his fellow Muslims in Palestine that landed him a hefty censure and fine.

Unfortunately with the money in today’s game, today’s idiot footballers will produce tomorrow’s middle classes, a shuddering thought if there ever was one.


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