Disgusting Pictures Show American Soldiers Posing With Murdered Afghan Civilians

Photographs showing American soldiers murdering Afghan civilians for sport have been leaked, with the murderers posing with their trophy victims. Last year The Akh blogged on the fact that U.S. soldiers are murdering innocent Afghans for fun & that the army covers it up.

The Akh challenges you to find the difference between the pictures below, and the shocking pictures of Israeli soldiers posing with the bodies of dead Palestinians.

The pictures below (courtesy of Public Intelligence) are wholly repugnant and shows soldiers from the 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, posing next to the corpse of Gul Mudin, an unarmed Afghan civilian killed by their unit on January 15, 2010, as well as the corpses of two other unnamed Afghan civilians.

There are reportedly more than four thousand photos of the “kill team” that were collected by Der Spiegel during the course of its investigation.

The American army has no morals and the “crusading” attitude of its soldiers are not symptomatic of a few bad apples, the entire command structure from the very top to the bottom is rotton to the core, it’s attitude towards Muslims is exactly the same as the Israeli zionists, “God’s” chosen people meting out divine justice on their never ending war’s of revenge.

This is American state sponsored terrorism, bought to you by the military industrial complex.


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6 responses to “Disgusting Pictures Show American Soldiers Posing With Murdered Afghan Civilians

  1. Sat 1



  2. asan

    Nasty kuffar!

  3. brian boru

    It’s hardly surprising that the Yankee troops are just a gang of blood-thirsty criminals. The troops and police of every country controlled by the jew are always that way. America is a jew country just like Israhell.

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  5. robin

    I wish more fu**ing idiots in my country would wake the hell up and see this crap! Everyone here is so busy praising “their little soldiers” and holding our military as so kind of “hallowed” entity it makes me sick!!!!! Yea, all of them running around singing the freaking star spangled banner and blowing fireworks out their ass they can’t see the truth! I am so ashamed!!!!!!

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