PJ Crowley Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs SACKED for Criticising US Foreign Policy

Warning: telling the truth in the land of free speech can cost you your job, career & pension.

Don’t believe me?

Ask former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley who was sacked from his position for having the brazen audacity to publicly criticise the U.S. Defence Department’s treatment of alleged WikiLeaks accomplice Pfc. Bradley Manning and was obliged to step down Sunday as a result.

On March 10, the news surfaced about Crowley’s comments, which he had made, seemingly spontaneously, during a talk sponsored by the Center for Future Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Philippa Thomas, a BBC reporter present when Crowley spoke, a member of the small audience brought up “the elephant in the room”: WikiLeaks. More specifically, the questioner wanted to know Crowley’s thoughts about the U.S. “torturing a prisoner in a military brig.”

According to Thomas, Crowley didn’t hesitate before slamming the DoD’s mistreatment of Manning as “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” It must be noted that Crowley followed up that statement with the kind of language that has unfortunately come to characterize the Obama administration’s take on Manning: “Nonetheless Bradley Manning is in the right place,” he said, stating that secrets are sometimes necessary in the diplomatic arena.

Still, when Thomas explicitly asked whether his comments were on the record, Crowley said yes. Whether he sensed that this would result in his exit from the State Department is unclear, but it didn’t take long for him to choose his words carefully for another public statement—this time announcing his resignation. And thus began the mediated debate over his words and their consequences.

Of the many sad chapters in the story of the misguided U.S. response to the WikiLeaks controversy, and of the mistreatment of Pvt. Manning, this is one of the saddest, as it so clearly exposes the extent to which the president has chosen to place himself on the wrong side of history.

Land of the free…..home of the brave

Are people still stupid enough to believe that shit?

Courtesy of Truth Dig

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