Bomb Blast In Occupied Al-Aqsa, But How Many Civilian Deaths Have Their Been On Both Sides?

With the bomb blast in Occupied Al-Aqsa/Jerusalem yesterday, The Akh thought it was time to put the number of people who have died on both sides of the conflict into context, before the zionists launch another war of revenge.

The breakdown of the graph above makes for very interesting reading.

The numbers cited above include civilians and combatants killed by members of the opposing nationality. The numbers do not include the Israeli wars in Gaza or the sizable number of Palestinians who died as a result of inability to reach medical care due to Israeli road closures, curfews, the Israeli closure of border crossing from Gaza.

The Israeli military have not updated their statistics page since early in 2006 for the number of Israelis killed, there is reason to believe that their numbers may have been somewhat inflated.

Cross reference the above graph with the one issued by zionist lobby group The Israel Project, who issued their stats on Fatalities and Casualties from Palestinian Terrorism yesterday.

The truth of it all is that more Israelis die from peanut allergies than from any Hamas rockets.


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