Video Interview of Shanna Bukhari defending her Miss Universe bid

So the Shanna Bukhari drama rumbles on, she gave her first interview defending her decision to enter the Miss Universe competition.

This seems to be a topic that has generated a lot of debate amongst readers of my blog.

The Akh still sticks to his position as outlined before that this isn’t an integration issue, but one in how far people are willing to assimilate into amoral activities.

Shanna and every other woman on this planet is entitled to do exactly what they please, but don’t try and do it as if you’re furthering the cause of your people and your religion.

That’s an extremely false construct.

Too many of our people have become so concerned with assimilation and proving that they are the exact opposite of what the racist right wing dominated media narrative that defines Islam and Muslims to the rest of the world as being, the only way in which this can happen is by separating Muslims from our identity and culture.

The Akh finds it laughable that anyone can pass this of as a matter of resistance never mind a win of any sort. While women who wish to stay covered up have legislation passed against them to stop them doing so, and yet those that have no modesty what so ever are paraded as a “win” for all of us, you’re only deluding yourself.

As far as setting a good example for young Muslim women the world over, entering meat market competitions is a pathetic example for anyone to even to follow, you can see for yourself here why I think this way, would you want your sister, wife, daughter or mother behaving like this?

I would rather be proud of what I am, rather than desperately trying to be something I’m really not, just to fit in.

Whether your mind is ready to accept it or not, that’s what this culture or lack of culture is feeding us.

Be true to yourself.


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4 responses to “Video Interview of Shanna Bukhari defending her Miss Universe bid

  1. Ayeesha

    I agree with a lot of what you have written and the posts here too:

  2. Ayeesha

    I have had a ‘Guest Contribution’ posted here:

    It may be of interest?

  3. Syed Rahil Hashmi

    Shanna Bukhari
    I Love You

    Syed Rahil Hashmi

  4. z

    islam means submission to Allah. if you submit yourself to a religion, or any type of organistation it is essential that your follow the rules and regulations of that. for example. there must be rules and reluations in this beauty contest. if those rules are broken then u are disqualified from the contest. same as Islam. How can you call you self a good muslim if you are breaking those rules? it doesnt make sence. Before preaching research the religion first.

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