Do you want to know why the Ulema/Scholars remain silent?

With all the turmoil enveloping the Muslim lands, you would have thought that the Ulema/Scholars would have something positive to say, to guide us in these troubled times, but they remain by and large strangely silent.

Last week The Akh asked the question Why are the Ulema so silent over the Muslim uprisings the world over?

So to continue where I left off.

After going through the five phases, I accepted what the Sheikh had to say, and as ever in times of doubt, I turned to the source of knowledge itself, my trusted bookshelf.

The Sheikh laid out three conditional points that have to be met before any action can be launched against a leader, let’s remind ourselves of them:

1 – You have to have the shayookh/ulema give you approval and guidance.

2 – You must be militarily ready – weapons, training, men, supplies, tactics etc.

3 – Have a system and leadership that will be better then what you are fighting against – Islamically, you don’t replace worse with even worse.

After pondering hard over these, on the second and third conditions, I agreed wholeheartedly.

In Libya, mistakes are costing untrained rebels, The anti-Moammar Kadafi fighters celebrated when they should have been taking crucial battlefield steps. Forced to retreat, they continue to waste ammunition by firing at nothing. A guerilla fighter has to make every single bullet count.

Fighting against a tyrant leader is no joke, you have to be militarily adept, then there would be no need for foreign intervention, no UN, no foreign boots on Muslim soil, and a lesser chance of the impending theft of natural resources.

On the third point, there is no recognised leadership in most of these uprisings. Egypt & Libya for example had no real body of opposition leadership, in one sense it’s good, as the tyrants would normally get to the opposition leaders and have them killed, but its bad in a sense that when the tyrant is ousted, there is no better system to replace him with.

In Egypt they have had constitutional changes passed in a referendum, whilst the recent meeting of world ministers in London have begun to decide the future for Libya, as only 2 countries from 195 recognises the Libyan opposition.

But none of these conditions can be met unless the Ulema/Scholars give approval for your actions to fight your tyrant leader.

This can be illustrated with the following:

The scholars at Al-Azhar, Islam & the world’s oldest university, passed a fatwa (religious edict) in 2010 in which it endorsed Egypt’s construction of a steel wall along its borders with Gaza Strip.

So you’re thinking to yourself, how can any Muslim, let alone a team of skilled and learned scholars allow the the starvation of one and a half million Muslims in Palestine?

Shouldn’t these scholars issue an edict that invokes Islamic leaders to break the siege through opening Rafah crossing as a first stage to help the besieged people in Gaza instead?

Well, guess who is the leader of the country?

Mubarak, best friends of Israel & America.

Just like the Scholars under the time of the Caliphate of Al-Ma’mun would not pass any judgement that was critical of their leader, the same ills have effected the Muslim world again.

With Mubarak gone, the very same scholars from Al-Azhar stated recently:

Sheikh Gamal Qotb, former head of the Al-Azhar fatwa committee, said peaceful protests help promote virtue and prevent evil …

” … Qotb described the Saudi edict as a “big mistake,” saying protesters warn officials of their mistakes before those mistakes grow larger. He said Muslim governments should allocate channels for citizens to express their opinions and give feedback to officials.”

It is this precise methodology of Ijtihad based upon methodological reasoning based upon the Quran and Sunnah, shorn of all orthodoxies, indoctrination and schisms that will guide us upon what is correct.

I’ve taken the following few pages from from Sheikh Muhammad Abduh’s (1849-1905) “Al Islam wa al nasraniyyah ma’a al ilm wa al madaniyyah”.

If you are going to read it then do so very carefully, as it will challenge your conceptions of how the power base in Islam was corrupted. The Abbasid Caliph it refers to is al-Ma’mun, with the shakiriya being the military units from Central Asia and North Africa, hired, complete with their commanders, to serve under the Caliph.

You may need to read this several times to truly appreciate what has been written.



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9 responses to “Do you want to know why the Ulema/Scholars remain silent?

  1. Ayeesha

    Your post is incorrect about recognition of the Libyan opposition – see here:

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      There are 195 countries in the world.

      Only 2 have recognised the opposition in Libya.

      One of them is France who helped kick start the UN resolution and have been explicit in their call for foreign military intervention from day one.

      Second is Qatar, who will be making a nice profit from selling the oil on behalf of Libya.

      Other than these two countries who have vested interests in Libya, can you name any others who recognise the opposition?

  2. Ayeesha

    Not off the top of my head, no. But that’s not the point is it. You said ‘no-one’ and as a point of fact that is incorrect.

  3. Ayeesha

    Actually it’s not a matter of semantics. To go from zero to two is a big step – especially as the fact that two countries have recognised Libyan opposition is likely to lead to a lot more. The trend is for more – note that one of the two is an Arab League member, too. So it’s not just semantics – which it would have been if I had said ’95’ to your post of ’93’.

    The trend is important.

  4. Abdulawakeel

    Salam ALaikum, I checked the sheikh’s biography (Muhammad Abduh Al Islam Wa Al Nasraniyyah Ma’a Al Ilm Wa Al Madaniyyah) and i see it’s all in Malay . please see if you can get an english biography of him..I also noticed that you quoted Sheikh Gamal Qotb, and if I’m not mistaken, you’re basically endorsing their actions.please anyone can feel free to enlighthen me if i’m wrong. Protests is NOT PART OF ISLAM. There Is no better way then Methodolody of our Prophet. It was never done during his time, and neither during the sahabahs time and those that follow and those that follow them.Please resarch the first time any protests ever happened in Islam. The leaders are called into question and warned and adviced by Scholars. We cannot continue to let these western ideologies subtly take us over. DId you see what happened in Pakistan as a result of Quran burning in |Florida..what is the aim of a protest that destroys and damage lives and properties when the perpetrators could care less about what’s going on these places. Muslim may act backwards at times, but Islam is surely now. We just need to recognize the Gem we have and Hold on dearly to it with our Molar teeth.

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